ConnectHome NYCHA Tablet Giveaway Program

The City is giving away 5,000 free tablets to eligible NYCHA residents living in the Bronx. Each tablet includes two years of free T-Mobile LTE internet service.

The registration period ends on March 10, 2017. Tablets will be given on a first-come, first-served basis. Only one tablet per household. 

Once you register for a tablet, you will get a registration code. You need to bring the registration code with you during a tablet giveaway event if you are invited to one. Tablets will be given away at NYCHA community centers by invitation. NYCHA will notify residents using the contact info you provide the agency with when your tablet is ready to be picked up.

Eligibility requirements:

• You must live in an eligible NYCHA development in the Bronx
• You must have a 19 year old child or younger living in your home