Fair Workweek Law - Information and Assistance

Fast food and retail workers and employers in NYC can contact the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) about:

• Legal rights for fast food and retail workers
• Legal responsibilities for fast food and retail employers
• Complaints about employers, including unlawful scheduling practices and failing to provide work schedules in advance
• Information about the Fair Workweek Law

DCA can answer questions during regular business hours.

You can also submit questions:

• By email to FWW@dca.nyc.gov
• Online using Live Chat at nyc.gov/BusinessToolbox. Live Chat is available for employer inquiries only. When you open the webpage, click the "Live Chat" button. Then, click the button in the middle of the screen that says "Live Chat with a DCA Representative" to open a chat window.

For more information, go to nyc.gov/dca.