CityFHEPS Tenant Information

CityFHEPS can help you find and pay for permanent housing if you are eligible.

Eligible candidates include:

  • low-income families who live in shelters
  • individual adults who live in shelters 
  • low-income families and adults who are at risk of becoming homeless

If you live in a shelter, you can get help finding out if you are eligible for CityFHEPS from your case manager or housing specialist.
If you live in the community, you can go to a Homebase program or one of the community based organizations that review households for CityFHEPS eligibility.

630 Jackson Avenue, Bronx, NY 11455
Call (929) 252-7110 for an appointment.

RBSCC - Brownsville
145 East 98th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11212
Call (917) 819-3200 for an appointment.

RBSCC - Bushwick
1475 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11237
Call (347) 295-3738 for an appointment.