Environmental Protection, Department of City
Sites where construction activities take place must clearly post a complete and accurate Construction Noise Mitigation Plan at the site at all times. The plan must follow all the rules outlined in Title 15 of the Rules of the City of New York (RCNY) Chapter 28, linked below under Additional Information. Construction Businesses do not need to file the plan with the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP); however, it must be readily accessible to DEP inspectors that examine the construction site.

Construction businesses that cannot comply with the noise mitigation rules described in Local Law 113, linked below under Additional Information, must file an Alternative Noise Mitigation Plan (ANMP) with the DEP. The ANMP should be filed before construction activities take place. The approved ANMP should be posted at the construction site. DEP provides a “contact page” that should be posted on the outside of the site to inform inspectors of the plan’s location if it is not feasible to post the plan in a readily accessible location.

Failure to comply with these requirements might result in significant financial penalties.

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