Employment Agency License

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Consumer Affairs, Department of City
An Employment Agency License is required for any business that, for a fee, will procure or attempt to procure employment or engagements for individuals, or will assist employers in procuring employees.

The following types of business do not require an Employment Agency license:
  • Temporary Employment Agencies: Agencies that contract out their employees to do work at other firms. However, workers are paid and receive a W-2 form from the temporary employment agency at the end of the year.
  • Theatrical Personal Managers: Businesses that primarily manage artists. Note that if the primary business is finding employment or engagements for artists for a fee, then the business is a “theatrical employment agency” and an employment agency license is required.
  • Certain Executive Search Firm and Employer Fee-Paid Agencies: Agencies that place applicants in commercial, clerical, executive, administrative, or professional positions without charging the applicant a fee of any kind. Businesses that fit this category do not need a license, but must comply with all sections of the Employment Agency Law relating to Employer Fee Paid Agencies.
If you have a question about how the law applies to your specific business, please submit a request for legal interpretation by contacting DCA.
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NYC Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA)
Licensing Center
42 Broadway, Lobby
New York, NY 10004
For further assistance, please call 311 and ask for: Employment Agency License
Website: http://www.nyc.gov/consumers

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