Food Protection Course for Mobile Vendors

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Health and Mental Hygiene, Department of City

All applicants for the Mobile Food Vending License must first successfully complete the Food Protection Course for Mobile Vendors.  Registration for this course is limited to individuals who are applying for a Mobile Food Vendor license.  When you register for this course you will also apply for a license.

The course takes eight hours conducted over two days, four hours each day. Two class sessions are held on most weeks, one on Tuesday and Wednesday and another on Thursday and Friday.  The Health Academy will provide the names of those who passed the course and are eligible for a Mobile Food Vending License to the appropriate authorities (the Citywide Licensing Center). 

The information on this page does not encompass other health-related aspects of or requirements for owning and operating a mobile food vending business.

The Health Academy is now offering the Mobile Food Vending Course (MFV) in Bangla language.

Replacement Requests 
On a temporary basis, the Health Academy can provide a confirmation email to verify your food protection certificate credentials. If you are in need of a replacement certificate, email with “FPC replacement” in the subject field. If you took the class more than 10 years ago you must retake the course and pass the final exam.

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