Health and Mental Hygiene, Department of City
A School-Based Child Care provides care to six or more children who are 3-5 years old. These programs are located in a City school or are otherwise affiliated with a school.

School-based child care (SBCC) programs are located within or are part of a school, and provide instruction to children aged 3 through 5. School-based child care centers are regulated by Article 43 of the New York City Health Code, New York State Education Law, and New York City Fire and Building Codes. The New York City Health Department inspects school-based child care sites annually to make sure they are in compliance with the Health Code.  

A Notice of Filing must be submitted to the department when establishing a new school that provides instruction and care to children aged 3 through 5.  After receiving the Notice of Filing, the Health Department will issue you a Certificate of Filing. 

Users should be aware that reading the documents included here will be necessary to properly understand the regulatory requirements of a SBCC program. For those programs that have funding from the NYC Department of Education and the Administration of Children Services, there may be additional requirements.

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