New Application Fees: $600.00 HOW TO APPLY
Renewal Fees: $600.00 OPERATING & RENEWING
Renewal Cycle: 5 Years OPERATING & RENEWING


Health and Mental Hygiene, Department of City
A Certified Registration authorizes the possession of therapeutic radiation units (LINACs) for treatment of human beings. If the application is for use in a medical institution, only the institution's management may apply; for use in anything other than a medical institution, any professional practitioner may apply.

After receiving a Certified Registration, the registrant must follow (1) the statements, representations, and procedures contained in his/her application and correspondence with the Office of Radiological Health (ORH), (2) the terms and conditions of the Certified Registration, and (3) Article 175 of the New York City Health Code.

All radiation installations that possess and use radiation therapy machines capable of operation at 500 kV (photons) and/or 500 keV (electrons) must obtain a Certified Registration and pay the amount listed below under Fees.

The information on this page is designed to explain the application, regulatory compliance, and requirements for registering therapeutic radiation units for the treatment of humans in New York City.

If, after receiving a license, the licensee considers making a change that would affect the licensed operation or facility (including but not limited to changes ordered pursuant to NYC Code), that will cause the information on file with the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene to be out-of-date, the licensee must request and receive an approval amendment for a fee before making the change.

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