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Labor, Department of State
The minimum wage in New York City is $15.00 per hour. The New York State Department of Labor oversees wage regulations in New York State. Businesses employing people in New York State should be aware of wage requirements and regulations.

In New York City, the minimum wage is $13.50 per hour for businesses with less than 10 employees, and $15.00 per hour for businesses with more than 11 employees. After December 31, 2019, all employees in New York City must be paid at least $15.00 per hour.  Outside New York City the minimum wage is $11.10 per hour.

The minimum wage will continue to increase every year across New York State until it reaches $15.00 per hour in 2020.  

Wage orders published by the Department of Labor can modify the minimum wage rate for workers in certain industries. Businesses should contact the Department of Labor if they will apply any credits, such as meals or tips, towards meeting the minimum wage rate. It is illegal to pay employees below the wage rate.

Under the Wage Theft Prevention Act, private employers in New York State must provide all of their employees (both exempt and non-exempt) with a pay notice. This pay notice must include the following information:
  • Pay rate;
  • Basis of wages (hourly, shift, day, week, piece, etc.);
  • Pay day;
  • Intent to claim any allowances towards the minimum wage;
  • The Doing Business As (DBA) name of the employer; and
  • Contact information of the employer, such as the address and telephone number
A pay notice must be provided to each employee employed in New York State by February 1 every year and whenever an employee is hired. The notice must be presented in the employee's language of choice. Additionally, new notices must be presented to employees if their pay is decreased. If pay is increased, the employer does not need to provide a new notice if the increase in pay will appear on the next pay statement.

Businesses should keep copies of all of their pay notices.

For more information about the minimum wage or other labor regulations, please contact the Department of Labor.

For more information, contact:

NYS Department of Labor
Division of Labor Standards
State Office Building Campus, Building 12
Albany, NY 12240
Phone: (518) 457-9000
Or: (888) 469-7365

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