Waste Transporter Permit



Environmental Conservation, Department of State
A Waste Transporter Permit authorizes a business to engage in waste transportation by vehicle in New York State.

Waste includes:
  • non-hazardous industrial/commercial wastes
  • asbestos
  • hazardous industrial/commercial waste
  • waste oil
  • waste tires
  • petroleum-contaminated soil
  • non-residential raw sewage or sewage-contaminated wastes
  • grease trap waste
  • sewage or water supply treatment plant sludge
  • medical waste
  • septage (residential)
  • residential raw sewage including portable toilet waste
  • low-level radioactive waste
  • mixed waste.
Businesses must have a USEPA Identification Number to transport dangerous waste. Visit the following page for more information on obtaining this Number.

For more information, contact:

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC)
Division of Materials Management
Bureau of Permitting and Planning
625 Broadway, 9th Floor
Albany, NY 12233-7253
Phone: (518) 402-8792
Fax: (518) 402-9034
Website: http://www.dec.ny.gov

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