Frequently Asked Questions


What is your Business Profile?

Your Business Information allows you to easily keep track of your business research and interactions with City Agencies by saving information from NYC Business to your profile.  You can create a personalized list of information that will help you stay in compliance with government regulations. Additionally, you can save your statuses for licenses, permits, inspections, authorizations, job applications, and violations to your account or buisness profile.  

Future updates to the NYC Business website will allow you to see your license, permits, violations, and authorizations prepopulated onto your Account and Business Profile Pages based on the information you have entered for your business profile.

How do I register or start updating my Business Profile information?

  1. Click on the Log In link at the top left of NYC Business or click on the My Account tab in the tob left of NYC Business
  2. Click on the "Create Account" link below the Email Address and Password fields.
  3. On the Registration page enter an Email Address, Password, Name, and select three security questions and answers.
  4. Agree to the Terms of Use by clicking in the box.
  5. Enter the re-CAPTCHA text in the box and click on the Register button.
  6. Click the link in the body of the email sent to the email address you provided during Registration in order to confirm your email address.

You should now be able to Log In to your My Account Page.

Once on the My Account Page click on "Add Business" button on the left hand side of the page and enter the required information.

How do I change or edit information in my profile such as email address or password?

  1. Log In to My Account page.
  2. Click on the"EDIT" link next to your Business name on the left hand side of the page.
  3. Make the desired changes.
  4. Click on the Save Changes button to save the edits.