Scale Dealer or Repairer License
Scrap Metal Processor License
Secondhand Dealer Auto License
Secondhand Dealer Firearms License
Secondhand Dealer General License
Sidewalk Cafe License
Sightseeing Bus License
Sightseeing Guide License
Special Sales License
Stoop Line Stand License
Storage Warehouse License
Temporary Amusement Device License
Temporary Street Fair Vendor Permit
Ten Things Every Business Should Know
Tow Truck Company License
Tow Truck Driver License
Tow Truck Exemption License
Weighing and Measuring Devices / Inspections
Weights and Measures / Gasoline and Home Heating Oil Delivery Truck Meters
Weights and Measures / Retail Gas Stations
Class A Photo Identification
Class B Photo Identification
Information About Hiring a Private Carter
License for Waste Removal
Market Business Registration
Public Wholesale Market Loading License
Public Wholesale Market Unloading License
Registration for the removal of Construction and Demolition Debris (C&D Registration)
Seafood Delivery Business
Self Hauler Registration
Trade Association Application
Trade Waste Broker Registration
Amusement Arcade License
Auction House (Premises) License
Auctioneer License
Bingo Game Operator License
Booting Company License
Cabaret License
Catering Establishment License
Cigarette Retail Dealer License
Combo Garage and Parking Lot License
Commercial Lessor License
Consumer Protection Law
Dealer in Products for the Disabled License
Debt Collection Agency License
Electronic & Home Appliance Service Dealer License
Electronics Store License
Employment Agency License
Games of Chance License
Sand Interceptors
Gaming Cafe License
Garage License
General Vendor Distributor License
General Vendor License
Home Improvement Contractor License
Home Improvement Salesperson License
Horse Drawn Cab Driver License
Horse Drawn Cab Owner License
Laundry Jobber License
Laundry License
Locksmith Apprentice License
Locksmith License
Motion Picture Projectionist License
Newsstand License
Parking Lot License
Pawnbroker License
Pedicab Business License
Pedicab Driver License
Permanent Amusement Device License
Pool or Billiard Room License
Portable Amusement Device License
Waste Removal and Recycling
Wholesale Business Registration
Wholesale Seafood Business
Zoning Requirements
Air Code
Air Permits
Application for Approval of Backflow Prevention Devices
Process Server Individual License
Process Serving Agency License
Gasoline Dispensing Site Annual Throughput Registration
Gasoline Transport Vehicles Requirements
Grease Interceptor Information
Idling Regulations
Industrial Wastewater Discharge Permit
Labeling Requirements for Hazardous Substances
Noise Code
Oil and Water Separators
Permit to Install Sewer House Connection
Permit to Use a Hydrant
Registration for Demolition Form AR299/300
Registration to Operate a Portable Generator Form AR 504
Restricted Asbestos Handler Certification
Rules Concerning the Use of Emissions Control Technology on Sightseeing Buses
Rules on the Use of ULSDF and BART for Buses that Take Children To and From School
Scavenger Waste Permits
Spray Painting Requirements for Spraying Areas
Spray Painting Requirements for Spraying Booths
Stormwater Charge for Standalone Parking Lots
Temporary Discharge of Groundwater into the City Sewer System
Wastewater Quality Control Application
Work Permit and Certificate to Operate - Form 5-0
Asbestos Handler Certification
Asbestos Handler Supervisor Certification
Asbestos Investigator Certification
Asbestos Rules and Regulations
Best Management Practices Plans (BMPPs) for Persons Discharging Total Silver Halide Process Wastewater to the Public Sewer System
Construction Noise Mitigation Plan
Construction Noise Regulations
Daily Over-Dimensional Permit
Facility Inventory Form FIF - Community Right-to-Know Program
Fossil Fuels Combustion Equipment Registration ? Form APC 501
Information About Construction and Renovation
Master Fire Suppression Piping Contractor License
Master Plumber License
Oil-Burning Equipment Installer License
Permanent Amusement Ride Installation and Inspections
Place of Assembly Certificate of Operation
Rigger License
Sign Hanger License
Site Safety Supervision Requirements
Solar Electric Generating Systems Tax Abatement Program
Storefront Sign Requirements
Temporary Amusement Rides
Temporary Place of Assembly Certificate of Operation
Welder License
RFP for School Busing
Banking Corporation Tax
Commercial Expansion Program
Commercial Motor Vehicle Tax (CMVT)
Commercial Rent Tax
Commercial Revitalization Program
Fleet Program
Boiler Requirements
Buildings Information System
Certificate of Occupancy
Construction Permits
Department of Buildings Violations Information
Electrician License
Gas Authorization--Restaurant Equipment
General Contractor
Green Roof Property Tax Abatement Program
High Pressure Boiler Operating Engineer License
Hoisting Machine Operator License
Lower Manhattan Relocation Employment Assistance Program for Special Eligible Businesses
Mortgage Recording Tax
NYC BioTech Tax Credit
NYC Delivery Solutions: the Stipulated Parking Fine Program
Property Tax Exemption for Non Profits
Real Property Income and Expense (RPIE)
Real Property Tax Information
Real Property Transfer Tax
Relocation and Employment Assistance Program
Retail Beer, Wine and Liquor Tax
Taxicab License Transfer Tax
Unincorporated Business Tax (UBT)
General Corporation Tax (GCT)
Hotel Room Occupancy Tax
Industrial and Commercial Abatement Program (ICAP)
Lower Manhattan Commercial Rent Tax Reduction
Lower Manhattan Relocation Employment Assistance for Eligible Businesses
Operate a Bathing Beach
Exhibiting Exotic Animals
Family Day Care Registration
Food Protection Certificate
Food Protection Course for Mobile Vendors
Food Service Establishment Permit
Green Cart Permit
Group Child Care Center Permit
Group Family Day Care License
Guard Dog Registration
Infection Control Course for Tattoo Artists
Information About Pest Control
Information About Trans Fats
Manufacturing of Frozen Desserts - Retail
Mobile Food Vending License
Mobile Food Vending Unit Permit (Seasonal or Two-Year)
Non-Retail Food Processing Establishment Permit
Operating a Commercial Stable
Permit to Manufacture Frozen Desserts - Wholesale
Petting Zoos
Private Community Sewage Disposal System
Prohibited Wild Animals
Radiation Producing Equipment - Certificate of Registration
Radiological Materials licensing
Registration for Funeral Directors in NYC
Restaurant Wheelchair Friendly Decal
Resuscitation Equipment for Restaurants
Wholesale Cigarette License
Adding Chemicals to Water Supply Permit
Animal Care and Handling Course
Barber Shop Permit
Bathing Establishment with Pool (Annual & Seasonal)
Bathing Establishment without Pool (Steam Room, Sauna and Spray Ground)
Beekeeper Registration
Building Water Tank Cleaning, Painting and Coating Permit
Calorie Posting
Carriage Handling Course
Tattoo License
Temporary Food Service Establishment Permit
Therapeutic Radiation - Certified Registration of Units
Water Potability Certificate
Well Water Permit
Working Horse License
Bikes in Buildings Program
Canopy Permit
CityRacks Program
Commercial Bicyclist Regulations
Commercial Vehicle Parking Information
Commercial Vehicle Restrictions
Daily Over-Dimensional Permit
Express Lane Permits
Land Contour Permit
New York City Traffic and Parking Rules
Newsrack Registration Form
Parking, Standing, and Stopping Rules for Commercial Vehicles
Project Informational Signs
Revocable Consent Petition
Certificate of Fitness for Supervising Storage, Handling and Use of Flammable or Combustible Liquids C-92
Sidewalk and Roadways Construction Permits (general)
Sidewalk Crossing Permit
Truck Route Network
NYC Parks Request for Bid (RFB): Pushcart, Mobile Food Unit or Food Cart
NYC Parks Request for Proposal (RFP)
Street Tree Planting Permit
Tree Work Permit
Clean Community Campaign: Good Business Flyer
Fill Material Operation
Intermodal Registration
Professional Fee Program
Sale of Small Animals (Pet Shop)
School Age Child Care Registration
Shared Kitchens
Shelter for Homeless Animals Permit
Small Animal Boarding Establishment Permit
Small Animal Grooming Establishment Permit
Small Animal Training Establishment Permit
Smoke Free Air Act - Information
Smoke Free Air Act Exemption - Register a Tobacco Event
Smoke Free Air Act Exemption Registration - Membership Organizations
Summer, Day or Overnight Camps for Children
Swimming Pool Operation Technology Course
Tattoo Artist License - Temporary
New Markets Tax Credit Program
NYC Capital Access Loan Guaranty Program
NYC Entrepreneurial Fund
Made in NY Film Production Tax Credit
Made in NY Marketing Credit
OFTB Optional Permit
Permits for Movie Premieres and Screenings
Required Motion Picture & Television Permit
Accreditation of Training Course for Fire Safety Director (FSD)
Accreditation of Training Course for Fire Safety/ Emergency Action Plan Director (EAP)
Accreditation of Training Course for Refrigerating System Operating Engineer
Air Compressor Permit
Automotive Liquid Motor Fuel Dispensing Facility Permit
Aviation Operations Permit
Bureau of Fire Prevention Documents/Forms
Certificate of Fitness for Operation of Petroleum Pipeline P-23
Certificate of Fitness for Supervision of Piped Non-Flammable Medical Gases G-71
Certificate of Fitness for Central Station Signaling Systems (F-40)
Certificate of Fitness for Compressed Gases G-29
Certificate of Fitness for Fire Drill Conductor - Factories LL F-35
Certificate of Fitness for Fire Drill Conductor- Institutions F-34
Certificate of Fitness for Indoor Place of Assembly Safety Personnel F-03
Certificate of Fitness for Fire Safety Coordinator (F-24)
Certificate of Fitness for Fire Safety Director (F-58)
Certificate of Fitness for Fireguard for Shelters (Citywide) F-02
Certificate of Fitness for Handling and Storage of Flammable/Combustible Gases G-98
Certificate of Fitness for Handling Motor Fuel W-14
Certificate of Fitness for Hazardous Materials C-91
Certificate of Fitness for Non-Production Chemical Laboratories (C-14)
Certificate of Fitness for Powder Activated Ammunition Tools E-21
Certificate of Fitness for Supervise Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Plant C-10
Certificate of Fitness for Supervising Spray Painting C-22
Certificate of Fitness for Supervision of Fire Alarm Systems and Other Related Systems S-95
Certificate of Fitness for Supervision of Portable Fueled Space Heaters at Construction Site (S-92)
Certificate of Fitness for the Handling and Storage of Nonflammable Gas Cylinders G-46
Certificate of Fitness for Supervision of Storage, Handling and Use of Commercial Cryogenic Systems G-79
Certificate of Fitness for the Recovery of Methane Gas from a Landfill (G-19)
Certificate of Fitness for the Storage and Handling of Liquefied Petroleum Gas and Compressed Natural Gas G-44
Certificate of Fitness for the Storage and Use of Chlorine Liquefied Gas G-13
Certificate of Fitness for the Supervision and Maintenance of Compressed Natural Gas(CNG) Facility C-99
Recycling and Waste Removal
Solid Waste Transfer Station
Solid Waste Transfer Station- Nonputrescible
Solid Waste Transfer Station-Fill Material
Street Cleaning Information
Food Retail Expansion to Support Health (FRESH) Program
Graffiti-Free NYC
New Markets Revolving Loan Fund
Hazardous Chemicals and Compressed Gases
Hazardous Chemicals Inspection
Information About Fire Alarms
Information About Sprinklers
Information About Standpipes
Information for Use, Storage and Transfer of Explosives
Open Flame Permit
Permit for High-Piled Combustible Storage
Permit for Methane Recovery
Permit for the Storage or Use of Liquid O2
Permit for the Use of O2 with Flammable Gases
Permit to Conduct Organic Coatings Manufacturing Operation
Permit to Conduct Spraying or Dipping Operations
Permit to Maintain or Operate a CNG Motor Fuel Dispensing Facility
Permit To Maintain or Operate a Laboratory
Permit to Maintain or Operate a Refrigerating System
Permit to Maintain or Operate a Tire Rebuilding Plant or Store Tires, Scrap Tires, and Tire Byproducts
Permit to Maintain or Operate Natural Gas Liquefication Facility
Permit to Manufacture Flammable Liquids
Permit to Operate a Bulk Plant, Terminal, or Bulk Transfer Facility
Permit to Store Ammunition
Permit to Store Fuel Oil
Permit to Store, Handle or Use a Tar Kettle Citywide
Permit to Store, Handle or Use a Tar Kettle, Site Specific
Permit to store, handle or use Liquefied Petroleum Gas
Permit to store, handle or use Liquid Carbon Dioxide (co2)
Permit to Store, Handle or Use Medical Gases
Permit to Store, Handle or Use Oxidizers
Permit to Store, Handle, Use Aerosol Products
Permit to Store, Handle, Use Corrosive Gas
Certificate of Fitness for the Supervision of Bulk Acid Storage C-24
Certificate of Fitness for the Supervision of Bulk Oil Storage Plants P-12
Certificate of Fitness for the Use of Liquefied Petroleum Gases G-96
Certificate of Fitness for the Use of LPG in a Tar Kettle G-40
Certificate of Fitness for Torch Use of Flammable Gases G-60
Certificate of Fitness for use of Liquefied Petroleum Gases and Natural gas fired heaters at construction sites G-94
Certificate of Fitness for use of Liquefied Petroleum Gases & Compressed Natural Gas in Engine Fuel System G-22
Certificate of Fitness to Handle Motor Fuel FDNY
Certificate of Fitness to Operate Air Compressors (G-35)
Certificate of Fitness to Supervise a Low Pressure Oil Burner (P-99)
Certificate of Fitness to Supervise Aerosol A-49
Certificate of Qualification for Refrigerating System Operating Engineer Q-01
Commercial Cooking Exhaust System Cleaning
Fire Safety Plan - Class R Hotel/Motel
Range Hoods for Restaurants and Cafeterias
Repair Garage Permit
Industrial Development Agency Programs
NIMBLE: Small Issuance Bond Program
Performing Work on a Landmarked Property
Disabled Persons Access
Firearm Dealer?s License
Press Credential
Rifle / Shotgun Dealer License
Small Arms Firing Range Designation
Special Theatrical Rifle / Shotgun Permit
Environmental Control Board Violations
Settle a Food Service Establishment Violation
New York City Brownfield Incentive Grant (BIG) Program, Pre-Development Design Grant
E-Laws Employment Law Assistance for Workers and Small Businesses
Business Assistance and Resources
Certificate of Completion
Check Status of an M/WBE, LBE or EBE Certification
Easy Start Business Guide
Emerging Business Enterprise (EBE) Program
Energy Cost Savings Program
Fill Work Permit
Find a Licensed Private Carter Information
Industrial Business Zone Relocation Credit
Permit to Store, Handle, Use Corrosive Liquid Materials
Permit to Store, Handle, Use Corrosive Solid
Permit to Store, Handle, Use Cryogenic Fluids
Permit to Store, Handle, Use Organic Peroxide
Permit to Store, Handle, Use Pyrophoric Materials
Permit to Store, Handle, Use Toxic Materials
Permit to Store, Handle, Use Unstable (Reactive) Materials
Permit to Store /Handle/Use Pyroxylin Plastics
Permit to Store Lumber
Permit to Store or Use Compressed Gases
Permit to Store or Use Flammable and Combustible Liquids/Mixtures
Permit to Store or Use Portable Fueled Space Heaters at Construction Sites
Permit to Store, Use, Handle Liquefied Petroleum Gases (LPGs)
Permit to Transport Compressed Gas
Permit To Transport Hazardous Materials
Permit to Use Oxygen in a Blow-Pipe with Combustible Gases
Permit to Use Oxygen (o2) with Natural Gas
Portable Fire Extinguisher Requirements
New York City Industrial Development Agency Benefits
New York City Retail Business Checklist
NYC Business Solutions
NYC Business Solutions - Recruitment
NYC Business Solutions- Help Choosing a Legal Structure
NYC Business Solutions- Help Completing a Lease
NYC Business Solutions- Help Completing Legal Structure Paperwork
NYC Business Solutions- Packaged Training
NYC Business Solutions Training Funds
Public Access Portal - Laws of The City of New York
Resources for New Business Owners
Resources for Planning Business Finances
Restaurant and Bar Backyard Use
Restaurant Owner's Guide
Selling to Government
Temporary Waterfront Place of Assembly Certificate of Operation
Waterfront Construction Work Permits
Waterfront Fire Protection Systems Information
Waterfront Place of Assembly Certificate of Operation
Black Car Base License
Black Car Driver License
Black Car Vehicle License
Commuter Van Base
Commuter Van Driver License
Commuter Van Vehicle License
Livery Car Base License
Livery Car Driver License
Livery Car Vehicle License
Luxury Limo Base License
Luxury Limo Vehicle License
Luxury Limo Driver License
Medallion Agent
Medallion Broker
Medallion Owner, Corporation
Medallion Owner, Individual
Locally Based Enterprise (LBE) Program
Locate A Business Solutions Center Near You
Lower Manhattan Energy Program
Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprise Certification Program (M/WBE)
Mooring Permit
NYC Business Acceleration
Empowerment Zone Section 179 Deduction
Empowerment Zone Wage Tax Credit
Federal Firearms License
Fill Work Permit (Federal)
Fleet Registration
Food Processing Plant Certification
HACCP Certification
Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment (HIRE) Act
IRS Business Taxes
Long Term Family Assistance
Money Services Business Registration
Packaging and Transportation Requirements for Regulated Medical Waste
Payroll and Tip Reporting
SBA 504 Loan Guarantee
SBA 7(a) Loan Program
SBA CDC / 504 Loan Program
Application for Permission to Disburse Net Proceeds of Games of Chance
Section 179 Deduction
Small Business Health Care Tax Credit
Special Occupation Tax Registration
Work Opportunity Tax Credit
Accepting Electronic Signatures
Accident and Health Insurance License, Domestic
Accident and Health Insurance License, Foreign
Accredited Reinsurer of a Foreign Stock Life Insurance Company, Certificate of Recognition as a
Paratransit Base License
Paratransit Car Driver License
Paratransit Vehicle License
Representative "License"
Taxi Meter Shop License
Taxicab / Medallion Drivers License
Assumed Name, Certificate of / Business Certificate for General Partnerships and Sole Proprietorships
Certificate of Assumed Name / Doing Business As for Sole Proprietorships
Certificate of Assumed Name/Doing Business As
Alcohol Dealer Registration
Election by a Small Business Corporation
Employer Identification Number (EIN)
Sales Tax Vendor Registration (Certificate of Authority)
Curriculum or a Course of Study, Approval of
Architect License
Armored Car Carrier Permit
Armored Car Guard Permit
Article 43 Corporation License (Non-Profit Health Service Corporation)
Asbestos Handling License
Assessment Cooperative Insurance Company License
Athlete Agent Registration
ATM Owner / Operator Requirements
Attorney/Legal Information
Audiologist Professional License
Authority to Transport Household Goods
Authority to Transport Property (Except Household Goods)
Automotive Battery Collection and Recycling
Bail Bond Agent License - Corporation
Bail Bond Agent License, Individual
Bail Bond Agent License, Partnership
Bail Enforcement Agent Permit (also known as Bounty Hunter)
Bait License
Ball Park / Stadium Beer License
Bank Holding Company Registration Certificate
Banking/Trust Company Charter, Authorization Certificate
Barber Apprentice License
Barber Shop Owner or Area Renter License
Bedding Manufacturer, Repairer-Renovator, or Rebuilder (Used Bedding)
Bedding (Used) Retailer / Wholesaler
Boat Dealer, Official Business Certificate
Body Damage Estimator License
Bottle Bill Requirements
Budget Planner's License
Bus Driver 19-A Application
Business School / Computer Training Facility Agent Certificate
Cabaret Liquor License
Campground or Travel Trailer Park, Permit to Operate
Captive Insurance Company License
Caterer's Alcohol Permit
Catering Establishment License
Acupuncture Professional License
Advance Premium Cooperative Insurance Company License
Advanced Life Support (ALS) First Responder Service Operating Certificate
Alcoholic Beverage Transportation Permit
ATV Dealer, Official Business Certificate
Ambulance Certificate
Ambulance Service Operating Certificate
Apartment Information Vendor Permit
Apartment Sharing Agent
Apparel Manufacturing Industry Certificate of Registration
Appearance Enhancement Business or Area Renter License
Corporation (Foreign), Application for Authority
Application for Permission to Disburse Net Proceeds of Bingo
Dental Hygienist Professional License
Not-for-Profit, Certificate of Incorporation
Certificate of Incorporation for Corporations, Professional Service Corporations, and Not-for-Profit Corporations
Limited Partnership, Certificate of
Radiation Installation, Certificate of Registration for
Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), Certificate of Registration of a
Euthanize Animals, Certificate to
Euthanize Animals, Certification as a Technician to
Certified Public Accountancy Professional License
Chain Store (Cigarette) Registration
Check Casher License, Change of Control
Check Casher License
Check Casher License, Limited Station
Check Casher License (Sole Proprietorship / Partnership)
Employ Child Performers, Certificate of Eligibility
Cigarette and Tobacco Product Sales as a Retail Dealer Registration
Cigarette and Tobacco Product Sales Vending Machine Registration
Clinical Laboratory and/or Blood Bank Permit
Clinical Laboratory Director or Assistant Director Certificate of Qualification
Clinical Laboratory Technician Professional License
Clinical Laboratory Technologist Professional License
Clothing Regulations
Coin Processing License
Collateral Loan Broker Registration
Commercial Driver License
Pesticide Commercial (Sale of Restricted Pesticides) Permit
Commercial Vehicle Registration
Controlled Substance Activity License
Cosmetology License
Cytotechnologist Professional License
Debt Collection Procedures
Dental Anesthesia / Sedation
Dental Assistant Professional License
Fraternal Benefit Society Admission License, Foreign
Dentist Professional License
Diagnostic and Treatment Center (Clinic), Operating Certificate
Dietician / Nutritionist Professional License
Divisible Load Overweight Permit
Bicycle Regulations
Doctor and / or Dentist Office
Domestic Animal Health Permit
Drug Store Off-Premise Beer / Wine Products License
Drug Store Off-Premise Beer License
Drugs or Devices Wholesaler Registration
Eating Place Beer License
Electronic Equipment Recycling and Reuse Act
Emergency Medical Technician-Basic
Emergency Medical Technician-Critical Care
Emergency Medical Technician-Intermediate
Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic
Commercial Driver License - "S" School Bus Endorsement
Cell Phone Collection and Recycling
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Assumed Name, Certificate of (Corporation, Limited Liability Company, Limited Partnership D/B/A)
Limited Liability Company (Foreign), Certificate of Authority
Engineering or Land Surveying Services, Certificate of Authorization to Provide Professional
Mobile Laser Operator, Certificate of Competence
Corporation, Certificate of Incorporation in New York State
Corporation, Certificate of Incorporation in New York
Empire Zone Wage Tax Credit
Employee Disability Coverage
Employment Incentive Credit
Endangered and Threatened Species Licensing and Permitting
English as a Second Language School Agent Certification
Esthetics License
Excelsior Jobs Program
Excess Line Broker License (Corporation)
Excess Line Broker License (Individual)
Excess Line Broker License (Limited Liability Company)
Excess Line Broker License (Partnership)
Sales Tax Exemption Certificate
Farm Winery License
Film Production Tax Credit
Financial Guaranty Insurance Corporation, Domestic
Financial Guaranty Insurance Corporation, Foreign
Food Processing Establishment License
Foster Care, Operating Certificate
Fraternal Benefit Society Admission License, Domestic
Frozen Desserts, License to Handle Wholesale
Frozen Desserts, License to Manufacture Wholesale
Fund Raising Counsel Registration
Fund Raising Professional Solicitor Registration
Funeral Firm Certificate of Registration
General Insurance Consultant License, Corporation
General Insurance Consultant License, Individual
General Insurance Consultant License, LLC
General Insurance Consultant License, Partnership
Go-Kart Requirements
Grocery and Drug Store Beer and Wine Product License
Grocery Store Beer / Wine Products License
Grocery Store Beer License
Guide License
Halal Food Registration
Hazardous Substance Bulk Storage Registration Certificate
Health Club Services
Empire Zone Capital Credits
Empire Zone Employment Incentive Credit
Empire Zone Investment Tax Credit
Empire Zone QEZE Tax Credits
Empire Zone Sales Tax Refund
Inspector Certification
Insurance Rating Organizations
Interior Design Certification
Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children
Investment Tax Credit
Itinerant Vehicle Collector, Official Business Registration
Vehicles, Junk and Salvage Operations
Juvenile Detention Facility, Certificate to Operate
Kosher Food Registration
Living Animals, Laboratory Permit for the Use of
Landscape Architect License
Liberty Zone Sales and Use Tax Exemption
License to Conduct Bingo Games
License to Conduct Games of Chance
License to Install, Service or Maintain Security or Fire Alarm Systems
Pet Cemetery and Pet Crematorium, License to Operate a
Real Estate Branch Office, License to Operate a
Ticket Reseller Branch Office, License to Operate a
Funeral Director, Embalmer, and Undertaker Licensing Requirements
Life, Accident and Health Insurance Agent License, Corporation
Life, Accident and Health Insurance Agent License, Individual
Life Insurance Agency, Authorization
Life Insurance Broker License - Partnership
Life Insurance Broker License, Corporation
Life Insurance Broker License, Individual
Life Insurance Broker License, Limited Liability Company
Life Insurance Consultant License, Corporation
Life Insurance Consultant License, Individual
Life Insurance Consultant License, Limited Liability Company
Special Hauling Permit
Special Hauling Trip and Annual Oversize/Overweight Loads Permit
State Minority- and Women- Owned Business Enterprise Program
Life Insurance Consultant License, Partnership
Limited Agent License, Corporation
Limited Agent License, Individual
Limited Agent License, Limited Liability Company
Limited Agent License, Partnership
Limited Service Laboratory Registration
Liquidator's Permit
Liquor Store License
Lottery Agent License
Lower Manhattan Sales and Use Tax Exemption
Manufacturing Assistance Program
Marine Hatchery Permit
Massage Therapy License
Master Application Procedure
Barber (Master) License
Health Maintenance Organization and Article 43 Non-Profit Corporations, Approval of Insurance Rates
Hearing Aid Business Registration
Hearing Aid Dispenser
Highway Use Tax Certificate of Registration
Highway Work Permit for Non-Utility Work
Highway Work Permit for Utility Work
Hospice Facility, Operating Certificate
Hospital, Operating Certificate
Hotel Beer Permit
Hotel Liquor Permit
Hotel Wine Permit
Hypodermic Syringes and Needles, Certificate of Need to Possess
Immigration Assistance Services Requirements
Independent Adjuster License, Corporation
Independent Adjuster License, Individual
Independent Adjuster License, Limited Liability Company
Independent Adjuster License, Partnership
Industrial Effectiveness Program
Information for Driving Schools and Instructors
Inspection Station License, Official Business Certificate
Podiatrist Professional License
State Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (SPDES)
Poultry and Small Animal Slaughterhouse License
Private Investigator Branch Office License
Private Investigator's License
Private School Agent Certificate
Private School Director License
Private School Teacher License or Permit
Private Sector Partnering with NYS Department of Motor Vehicles
Processing Plant Superintendent Certification
Fund Raising Professional Registration
Property / Casualty Insurance Agent License - Corporation
Property / Casualty Insurance Agent License - Individual
Property / Casualty Insurance Agent License - LLC
Property / Casualty Insurance Agent License - Partnership
Property / Casualty Insurance Broker License, Corporation
Property / Casualty Insurance Broker License, Individual
Property / Casualty Insurance Broker License, Limited Liability Company
Property / Casualty Insurance Broker License, Partnership
Property / Casualty Insurance Company, Certificate of Registration as an Accredited Reinsurer, Alien
Property / Casualty Insurance Company, Certificate of Registration as an Accredited Reinsurer, Foreign
Mammography Quality Standards Act Requirements
Psychoanalyst Professional License
Controlled Atmosphere (Apple Storage) Refrigerated Facility Registration
Radioactive Materials License
Fuel Use Tax / Highway Use Tax
Limited Partnership (Foreign), Application for Authority
Driving School Instructor Certificate
Driving School License
Body Piercing and Tattooing Guidelines
Crocodilian Permit
Limited Liability Company, Articles of Organization
Tissue Bank Operation License
Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Certification
Bottled Water Facility, Certificate of Approval to Operate a
Tandem Trailer Permit
Tanning Facility, Permit to Operate a
Tavern Wine License
Telemarketer Registration
Ticket Reseller License
Tire Recycling Collection and Fee
Tow Truck Driver Examination
Transmitter of Money, Depository Agreement
Unemployment Insurance
Unemployment Insurance for Not-for-Profits
Vehicle Dismantler, Official Business Registration
Venomous Reptile Interim License
Veterinary Medicine Professional License
Psychologist Professional License
Public Adjuster License, Corporation
Public Adjuster License, Individual
Public Adjuster License, Limited Liability Company
Public Adjuster License, Partnership
Qualified Emerging Technology Company Certification and Capital Tax Credit
Qualified Emerging Technology Company Employment Credit
Qualified Emerging Technology Company Facilities, Operations, and Training Credit
Radiologic Technologist (Diagnostic) License
Radiologic Technologist (Diagnostic) Registration Certificate
Radiologic Technologist (Diagnostic) Registration
Wage Regulations in New York State
Warehouse (Food) License
Warehouse Permit
Waste Transporter Permit
Watch, Guard, or Patrol Agency License
Waxing License
Weights and Measures / Scale Inspections
Wetlands Permit
Wholesale Cigarette Dealer Other Than Those Who Only Operate Vending Machines License
Wholesale Cigarette Dealer Who Only Operates Vending Machines License
Wholesale Tobacco Products Dealer License
Window-Cleaning Equipment, Resolution of Safety Approval
Wine and/or Liquor Auction Permit
Wine Store License
Surety Bonds for Contractors
Radiologic Technologist (Therapy) License
Radiologic Technologist (Therapy) Registration
Raw Milk Dealer License
Real Estate Appraiser Assistant (State Licensed)
Real Estate Appraiser (State Certified General)
Real Estate Appraiser (State Certified Residential)
Real Estate Appraiser (State Licensed Residential)
Real Estate Broker Associate License
Real Estate Broker License
Real Estate Course Approval
Real Estate Salesperson License
Rechargeable Battery Collection and Recycling
Reciprocal Insurance License, Domestic
Reciprocal Insurance License, Foreign
Regents Charter / Certificate of Incorporation
Mobile Lasers and Laser Installation, Registration of
X-Ray Machines and Particle Accelerators for Non-Human Use, Registration of
Reinsurance Intermediary License, Corporation
Chemical or Oil Spill Reporting Requirement
DEA Training and Certification to Sell SLCPs
Private School License
Worker Protection
Workers' Compensation Insurance
Workers with Disabilities Employment Tax Credit
Workplace Safety and Loss Prevention Consultant Certificate
World Trade Center / Liberty Zone Benefits
Yacht Broker, Official Business Certificate
Business Incentive Rate
Reinsurance Intermediary License, Individual
Reinsurance Intermediary License, Limited Liability Company
Reinsurance Intermediary License, Partnership
Required Equipment for Commercial Vehicles
Residential Facility for Victims of Domestic Violence, Operating Certificate
Tax Return Preparer/Facilitator Registration Certificate
Respiratory Therapist Professional License
Respiratory Therapy Technician Professional License
Restaurant Wine License
Retail Food Store License
Retailer of Non-Highway Diesel Motor Fuel Only Registration (RONDO)
Safe Deposit Company, Acquisition by a Group of People of a
Safe Deposit Company Branch Office, Authorization Certificate
Safe Deposit Company Charter, Authorization Certificate
Sales Tax Exemption for Manufacturers
Sales Tax on Processed Food
Salvage Pool, Official Business Registration
Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency Program
Language Translation, Interpretation and Apostille Information
National Grid BIR / ADR
New York State Restaurant Association (NYSRA)
Small Business Energy Efficiency Program
Aircraft Registration and Licensing Requirements
Boat Licensing and Registration Requirements
Business Insurance
Business Owner Bill of Rights
Controlled Substances Registration
Sanitary Regulations for Direct Marketing
Scrap Collector, Official Business Certificate
Scrap Processor, Official Business Certificate
Security Guard Registration
Self-Storage Owner / Operator Affirmation and Bill of Sale
Sharps Collection and Disposal
Snowmobile Dealer Registration
State Pollution Discharge Elimination System (SPDES) Jurisdiction Determination Request
Special Event Permit
Change Your Mailing Address
Choosing a Waste Disposal Option
Common Violations
General Finance Business Information Page
Health Insurance
Human Resources Information
Hurricane Sandy - Information for Businesses
Incentives Estimator
Information About Boilers
Information About Choosing a Business Location
Information About Commercial Renting
Information About Construction Projects that Last More Than Three Months
Information About Escalators and Elevators
Information About Impacting Trees
Information About Installing or Modifying
Motor Vehicle Use Tax
Bulk Water Facility, Certificate of Approval to Operate a
Information About Landmarks
Information about Occupancy
Information About Occupying, Repairing, Or Replacing Sidewalks, Roadways, or Curbs
Information About Owning Your Building
Information About Promotional Events
Information About Selling Goods Online
Information About Sprinklers, Fire Alarms, and Standpipes
Information About Water and Sewer Requirements
Information About Waterfront Property
Information About Wetlands
Place of Assembly Information
Surety Bond Registration
Medical Physics Professional License
Medical Specialist Assistant Professional License
Medical Waste Treatment Guidelines
Mental Health Practitioner Professional License
Commercial Driver License - Metal Coil Endorsement
Midwifery Professional License
Milk Dealer License
Milk Processing Plant / Part II Permit
Money Transmitter, License to be a
Mortgage Banker Branch Registration
Mortgage Banker (Corporation)
Mortgage Banker (Individual / Partnership)
Mortgage Broker Branch, Registration as a
Mortgage Broker Corporation License
Mortgage Broker Permit
Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Agent License
Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Company License, Domestic
Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Company License, Foreign
Mortgage Loan Originator License
Motor Vehicle Rental Law
NYC Starter Guides
Required Posters and Signs for Restaurants
Special Permit for Physical Culture Establishment
Street Activity Permit: Block Parties
Street Activity Permit: Commercial Events
Street Activity Permit: Street Festivals and Multi-Day / Multi-Block Events
Zoning Information
Motor Vehicle Repair Shop, Official Business Certificate
Motor Vehicle Retail Leasing Law
Dealer Registration - Motor Vehicles, Motorcycles or Trailers, Official Business Certificate
Mutual Life Insurer License, Domestic
Mutual Life Insurer License, Foreign
Mutual Property / Casualty Insurance License, Domestic
Mutual Property / Casualty Insurance License, Foreign
Nail Specialty License
Natural Hair Styling License
New York City Payroll Tax
New York State Grades and Standards for Eggs
Motor Oil Regulations
Notary Public Commission
Limited Liability Partnership (Foreign), Notice of Registration
Nursing Home Nurse Aide Certification
Nurse, Licensed Practical (LPN)
Nurse Practitioner
Nurse Registered Professional (RN) License
Nursery Dealer Certification
Nursing Home Administrator, License to Practice
Election to be Treated as a New York S Corporation
NYS Thruway Credit Agreement
Real Estate Transfer Tax
Refrigerated Warehouse or Locker Plant License
Fund Raising Professionals Registration Requirements
Water Well Contractor Registration
Home Inspector License
NYSERDA Existing Facilities Program
NYSERDA FlexTech Program
NYSERDA New Construction Program
NYSERDA Small Commercial Energy Assessments
On Premises Liquor License
On Premises Alcohol License
Ophthalmic Dispensing Professional License
Optometry Professional License
Ticket Distributor Registration, Original
Passenger Vehicle Registration
Patient Service Center Permit
Dry Cleaning, Regulations on Perchloroethylene (Perc)
Permanent Fleet Registration
Mortgage Broker Registration
Runaway and Homeless Youth Shelter, Operating Certificate
Professional Employer Organization Registration
Regulated Medical Waste (RMW) Facility Permit
Industrial Homework, Permit to Distribute
Permit to Manufacture and / or Wholesale Alcoholic Beverages
Temporary Residence, Permit to Operate a
Shows, Permit to Operate
Pesticide Applicator (Commercial) Certification
Pesticide Applicator (Private) Certification
Pesticide Business and Agency Registration
Pesticide Use of Chemicals for the Control or Elimination of Aquatic Insects Permit
Pesticide Use of Chemicals for the Control or Elimination of Aquatic Vegetation Permit
Pet Dealer License
Pet Food and Specialty Pet Food Registration
Petroleum Bulk Storage Registration
Petroleum Measuring Device Inspection
Pharmacist Professional License
Pharmacy Registration
Physical Therapist Professional License
Physician / Doctor Professional License
Pick-up Truck Owners
Plant Grower Registration
Plastic Bag Collection and Recycling
Air Pollution Control - State Facility Permit
Air Pollution Control - Title V Facility Permit
Air Facility Registration