Cas Holloway

City Hall 

New York, NY 10007

(212) 788-3000

Deputy Mayor For Operations

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg appointed Cas Holloway Deputy Mayor for Operations on August 4, 2011.  As Deputy Mayor, Cas oversees 11 mayoral agencies and offices and assists the Mayor in overseeing the Police Department, Fire Department, Office of Emergency Management, Office of Management and Budget, and the Office of Labor Relations.  From January 1, 2010 until his appointment as Deputy Mayor, Cas served as the Commissioner of the New York City Department of Environmental Protection. To implement PlaNYC—the Mayor’s blueprint for a sustainable New York City–Cas appointed DEP’s first Deputy Commissioner for Sustainability, created an energy team to develop the next generation of distributed generation investments, reorganized DEP’s capital projects division, and initiated Water for the Future, a $2 billion package of investments that will repair leaks in the Delaware Aqueduct and ensure the reliability of the City’s water supply for years to come. From 2006 until his appointment at DEP, Cas served as Chief of Staff and Counsel to Deputy Mayor for Operations Edward Skyler and as Special Advisor to Mayor Bloomberg. He graduated cum laude from Harvard College and with honors from the University of Chicago Law School.