Mayoral Control of New York City Schools

Add Your Name: Make Mayoral Control Permanent

New York City’s school children need Albany to make mayoral control permanent before the clock runs out on June 30th.

After more than a decade, we know New York City schools do better when the mayor has direct authority and accountability.

Mayor de Blasio has taken big steps to improve city schools. Free universal, full-day, high-quality pre-K and aggressive turnaround plans for our struggling schools are just two examples of reforms that were only possible because the mayor has the undivided responsibility to make real change for all our schools.

Our representatives knew mayoral control was good for New York City’s kids when they passed it in 2002 and in 2009. On June 30th, if Albany doesn’t act, our schools turn back the clock.

Our kids can’t go back. We need Albany to act now and pass permanent mayoral control. Add your name now.