Statements of Mayor de Blasio and Elizabeth Glazer, Director of The Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice, on Governor Cuomo's Commission on Youth, Public Safety and Justice

January 19, 2015

Statement of Mayor de Blasio:

“For too many of our young people, a single mistake made as a teenager can have disastrous consequences for their future and for their family’s future. Over the past year, my administration has pursued a series of policy reforms aimed at reducing unnecessary arrests and incarcerations, mitigating collateral consequences, and helping young adults get out of the criminal justice system and onto the right path towards productive futures.

“Thanks to Governor Cuomo and his Commission on Youth, Public Safety and Justice, New York is now poised to take a major step toward that goal by ending the practice of trying 16- and 17-year-olds in adult court and incarcerating them in adult jails and prisons.

“Today’s announcement complements our ongoing efforts to promote better outcomes for young people in New York City, including the elimination of punitive segregation for adolescents in City jails. I’d like to also thank Governor Cuomo and our leaders in Albany for their commitment to avoiding shifting costs to local communities and look forward to working together to make New York a national leader in juvenile justice reform.”

Statement of Elizabeth Glazer, Director of the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice:

“These recommendations will ensure an evidence-driven, total modernization of New York State’s juvenile justice practices that will improve both public safety and long-term outcomes for troubled young people in our City and State. I want to thank Governor Cuomo and Commission Co-Chairs Soffiyah Elijah and Jeremy Creelan for their leadership in tackling a problem that has daunted New York officials for over four decades.”

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