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As Vaccine Supply Wanes, City Surpases Weekly Dose Goal for Second Week in Row

January 19, 2021

NEW YORK— Without a resupply of doses from the federal government, the City will begin to close vaccination sites on Thursday, Mayor de Blasio announced today. This come as over 220,000 vaccines were administered in New York City last week, surpassing the City's benchmark goal for the second week in a row.  New York City is still on pace to run out of vaccine supply this week and continues to call on the federal government to send additional doses.
“We are running dangerously low on vaccines in New York City,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio. “We have the infrastructure to get shots in the arms of hundreds of thousands of people each week, but we need the doses from our federal partners to actually get it done.”
As of today, the City has already administered more than 455,000 total doses to New Yorkers, including more than 403,000 first doses and more than 52,000 second doses. Another more-than 104,000 doses that have been delivered to NYC are reserved for the CDC’s Long-Term Care Facilities program, meaning they are earmarked and not to be considered part of remaining supply.

As a result, there are only 116,000 first doses remaining, which the City anticipates using fully this week. Last week, for example, the City reported administering more than 30,000 doses per day. There are approximately 200,000 doses remaining that are set aside as second doses.  Therefore the vast majority of vaccine that has been physically delivered to NYC is almost entirely accounted for and the City will be out of vaccine it can administer by the end of the week.

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