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Mayor de Blasio Appoints Three Judges to Family, Criminal and Civil Court

April 4, 2019

NEW YORK—Mayor de Blasio made three judicial appointments, including one appointment to Family Court; one appointment to Criminal Court; and one appointment to Civil Court, who will sit in Criminal Court. These appointments were designated in January in anticipation of vacancies arising at the beginning and end of March.

“I have the utmost confidence in the judges I am appointing today, whose role in upholding a fair and impartial justice system helps us build a fairer city for all,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Family, Criminal and Civil Court are part of the New York State Unified Court System. Family Court judges hear cases related to adoption, foster care and guardianship, custody and visitation, domestic violence, abused or neglected children, and juvenile delinquency. The City’s Criminal Court handles misdemeanor cases and lesser offenses, and conducts arraignments.

The Mayor appointed the following judge to Family Court:

Judge Ronna Gordon-Galchus started her legal career with The Legal Aid Society, Criminal Defense Division. She then formed a law practice partnership with her husband specializing in criminal and family law and appellate practice for nearly 29 years. She received her undergraduate degree from SUNY at Stony Brook and her J.D. from Touro College, Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center.

The Mayor appointed the following judge to Criminal Court:

Judge Jeffrey Gershuny, a U.S. Army veteran, was first appointed as an Interim Civil Court Judge in March 2018 and has been serving in Criminal Court. Prior to his appointment, Judge Gershuny most recently served as Chief Counsel to the Administrative Judge of New York City Criminal Court. Prior to that, he was a Supervising Court Attorney in Criminal Court, New York County for seven years. Judge Gershuny is a graduate of SUNY Binghamton University and received his J.D. from Hofstra University Law School.

The Mayor appointed the following judge to Civil Court, who will sit in Criminal Court:

Judge Jay Weiner was in private practice with several firms, was a solo practitioner, a prosecutor for the Kings and Queens County District Attorney’s Offices, and a Staff Attorney with Appellate Advocates before serving with the New York State Unified Court System’s Appellate Division, Second Department. He had been a Principal Law Clerk to several justices. Judge Weiner graduated from Dartmouth and received his law degree from Fordham Law School.

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