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Transcript: Mayor de Blasio Delivers Remarks at Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony For Relaunch of Quad Cinema

April 13, 2017

Mayor Bill de Blasio: Thank you so much. Everyone, I want to start by saying a tremendous thank you to Charles and everyone from associated with the [inaudible]. For me, I am here today as a labor of love because this place, for me and so many people, has been a magical place in this city.

Now, I want to say for grounding, I went to school just a few blocks away from here at NYU and you always knew there was going to be very cool films at the Quad; really interesting stuff, things that would make you think, provocative films, films from all over the globe. And this is something that is so important for people to get perspective and not just see things that are the most commercially popular, but really get a sense of incredible work being done all over the world.

Charles I know – I did my research; the Film Society at Lincoln Center, public theater all the great things you’re involved with that have been exceptional in educating us and giving us perspective on your film society side. I don’t know your [inaudible] story, but Chirlane and I are so in to film that in the year 1993, the African Film Festival at Lincoln Center had 28 films. Chirlane and I went to 21 of them. So, very film oriented family.


So, I wanted to be here to celebrate this wonderful theater becoming a part of our community again. I want to thank also my wonderful colleague, Julie Menin, who has done so much to promote film industry and TV industry and so many other allied industries in this city. And while I mentioning that we should say to film industries it is booming in New York City. More film shoots and TV shoots than we’ve had in many, many decades. It’s a lot of good things happening, but it all comes back to where we showed it to them. We want to give people a chance to experience these extraordinary works. I also have to acknowledge my old friend, Ken Sunshine, who I go back with in government all the way back to his stint in government in 1990. Once upon a time, a public servant now out in the world.


Thank you. I made me feel young for just a moment. But look, extraordinary history here; a place that so many people [inaudible] including young aspiring – the film students from NYU – and young aspiring actors and directors of the future who came and saw things here that inspired them and got them fully on a track to their own extraordinary artistic works.

So, it’s a place that to me has a special New York City magic, a special Greenwich Village magic. I know it is going to be better than ever.

I am going to be showing up unannounced in my civilian capacity and my film-going capacity to see [inaudible].

And now I want to present [inaudible].

So, the proclamation says many great things about Quad Cinema and thank you again for bringing back in such a great state. And now it is my honor as the Mayor of New York City to hereby proclaim April 13th, 2017, in the City of New York, as Quad Cinema Day.



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