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Statement Of Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg On Honors For Three City Technology Initiatives

June 8, 2010

HHS-Connect, NYCStat Stimulus Tracker and 311Online Honored at Computerworld's 22nd Annual Laureates Medal Ceremony & Gala Awards in Washington D.C.

“Last night, at the Computerworld 22nd Annual Laureates Medal Ceremony & Gala Awards at the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium in Washington, D.C., three of our Administration’s technology initiatives – HHS-Connect, NYCStat Stimulus Tracker and 311Online – were recognized as innovative applications of information technology benefiting New Yorkers. Through our HHS-Connect program, we’ve transformed how one of the world’s largest municipal governments delivers health and human services to clients while also measuring performance by breaking down information barriers among agencies.  As a result, caseworkers from the City’s nine health and human services agencies – serving more than three million people – are spending less time managing paperwork and more time with their clients. The NYCStat Stimulus Tracker enables the public to follow exactly how, where and on what Federal Stimulus funding is being spent. And 311Online is our comprehensive, web-based counterpart to the City’s customer service call center, which has revolutionized how City agencies resolve and track issues reported by the public.

“From the outset, our Administration has used technology to help improve the way in which City government functions, enhancing the lives of New Yorkers and the effectiveness of City services. These initiatives are just a sample of those undertaken by our agencies and managed by the City’s Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications to streamline access to information and services in ways that improve New Yorker’s lives – and I expect many more in the years to come.”

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