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Transcript: Mayor Eric Adams Honors Firefighters From the Sunset Park Subway Shooting

May 23, 2022

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Laura Kavanagh, Acting Commissioner, FDNY: Good morning. We're here today to recognize some truly extraordinary heroes, some wonderful folks I get the opportunity to work with day in and day out, who walked into extraordinary circumstances that day at the shooting. It covered two subway stations. There were dozens of patients and it was still an unfolding event and incredibly no lives were lost, and that's in no small part because of the people here who jumped into action.

Acting Commissioner Kavanagh: They did what our EMTs, our Paramedics, our Firefighters, and our Fire Marshals do every day, which is they put other people's lives ahead of their own and we've actually been reminded of that almost daily since this incident. So it's a really extraordinary thing. We're really happy to be here to honor them. We are here at City Hall. We are very grateful to the mayor for honoring you today. Certainly, he is a man who knows what it is like to wear a uniform and put his life out there for the people of the City of New York. So with no further ado, the mayor.

Mayor Eric Adams: Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you for the FDNY EMS, all the employees who are here, our first responders, and even before we talk about that, I want to just say to the family of Daniel Enriquez, who was lost, we lost him on the subway system yesterday when a gunman shot him for what appears to be an unprovoked attack on our safety. Our heart goes out to the families, and on behalf of 8.8 million New Yorkers, we mourn with you and you are in our prayers. We will find the person responsible for this action, and it just renews our calls to deal with the over proliferation of guns on our streets. Even after the bullet takes the life of an innocent person, the emotional trauma continues to rip apart the anatomy of our city, and it goes on for a long period of time. And so again, we want to lift the family up with prayer, but we wanted to turn towards these heroes and sheroes that are in the room today.

Mayor Adams: I remember being at Gracie Mansion when the notification came over that we had a person who discharged 33 rounds in our subway system, striking several passengers in the morning. Our first responders jumped into action, doing what they do every day. As one report just came out, the number of EMS employees who are the victims of attacks, those who are suffered from mental health illnesses, and those who are participating in criminal behavior. But they respond. They respond and make sure that they provide the services that are needed.

Mayor Adams: We looked at in the first few months some horrific fires in our city where FDNY and EMS, they were on the scene making sure they gave the necessary care, putting their lives on the line, and I think about the days of being a member of the NYPD seeing the amazing job that FDNY and EMS carries out. They carry out every day of dealing with the calls of services. And far too often, we don't say thank you enough and that's what we are doing today. We are pausing in the day and just saying thank you.

Mayor Adams: These citations is our way of acknowledging the heroic action that not only took place when the gunman unleashed a large number of bullets in our subway system, but what takes place every day. And I join Commissioner Kavanaugh in lifting up of these men and women who respond to the call of service when needed. They don't go in the other direction. They walk and run towards the danger, and it takes a special New Yorker to do that, and they are representative of the special New Yorkers we have in this city. So again, thank you for what you have done and what you will continue to do. Thank you very much.


Ingrid Lewis-Martin, Chief Advisor to the Mayor: It's indeed an honor for me without any further ado to announce the names of our honorees today. Again, we thank you all for your bravery and for your continued service. Our first recipient is Firefighter Kervin Joseph, Engine Company number 228. Our second recipient is Firefighter James Harkin, Ladder Company 114. Our third recipient is Captain Joseph Arcuri, Engine Company 228.

Lewis-Martin: Our next recipient is Firefighter Gabrielle Mondello, Ladder 114. Our next recipient is Lieutenant Michael Cuccurullo, Ladder Company 114. Our other recipient is Lieutenant Liz Mackiewicz, Station number 32. Our other recipient is EMT Edwin Karasik, station 32. Our other awardee is EMT Julian Clemente, station 32. Our next awardee is EMT Brian Rodriguez-Yanez, Station 13. Our other recipient is Paramedic Michael Hood, Station 32.

Lewis-Martin: Our next awardee is Paramedic Brent Scheidell, Station 32. Our other honoree is EMT Nadeem Abdulla, Citywide Dispatcher. Our other awardee is EMT Jillian Mauro, Maimonides Hospital. Our other awardee is EMT James Depaolo, Maimonides Hospital. Our other awardee is Fire Marshall Craig Gundersen. Our next to last awardee is Fire Marshall Joseph Chidichimo. Our last awardee could not be here with us, but we wanted to ensure that we acknowledge him and we thank each and every one of you for your bravery that day, Firefighter Joseph Ryan, Ladder Company 114. Again, on behalf of all New Yorkers, we thank you very much for your service and your bravery that day. Thank you.


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