Mayor Bloomberg Releases Final Campaign Accountability Report

December 20, 2013

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg today released his fifth and final Campaign Accountability Report. This will be the fifth report provided to the public to review which campaign promises were completed, which were not completed and which were reconsidered and not pursued. The report issued today shows significant progress has been made in implementing promises made during Mayor Bloomberg’s 2009 campaign and continued progress on promises made during the 2001 and 2005 campaigns. In total, 89 percent of the 611 combined promises made during the three campaigns are completed or are currently being implemented, with 87 percent of 2001 campaign promises completed or being implemented, 96 percent of 2005 campaign promises and 90 percent of 2009 campaign promises.

“When I took office, we promised New Yorkers that we would update them on the status of every promise we made on the campaign trail,” said Mayor Bloomberg. “Today, we are releasing our fifth Campaign Promises Report, which that tracks the status of every promise we made over three campaigns – showing what we delivered on, what we didn’t and what we reconsidered doing.”

The Campaign Accountability report, available here on, details the status of all campaign promises made by Mayor Bloomberg, covering topics that reach across almost all of City government – from expanding social service programs and making New York a safer place to live, to making it easier to start up a new business in all five boroughs.

The report breaks down the proposals into four categories: Done/Done*, Launched, Not Done and Reconsidered. The report found that from all three campaigns 481 promises have been categorized as Done – the promise has been implemented or Done* -- the promise has or substantially implemented and work continues; 61 have been Launched – action has been taken to implement the proposal; 63 have been Reconsidered – the Administration has decided not to pursue the proposal or has found an alternative method to meet the intended goal; and 6 promises were Not Done.

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