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Transcript: Mayor Eric Adams Appears Live on CNN's "The Situation Room"

June 24, 2022

Wolf Blitzer: Let's discuss what's going on with the New York City mayor, Eric Adams, he's joining us live. Mayor, thank you so much for joining us. As you know, we have a lot to discuss, but let's start with today's vote. This marks, as I noted, the first time in decades that Congress has been able to act on gun safety here in the United States. How far do you think this will go in helping curb gun violence in New York City?

Mayor Adams: Well, it's clear, Wolf, that I state over and over again that there are many rivers that feed the sea of violence and particularly gun violence. We dammed one of those rivers today with this legislation, but there are more to go on all different levels. On state, federal, and city levels. But let's continue to evolve to have the city and country free of this type of violence.

Blitzer: This, of course, comes after yesterday's US Supreme Court decision striking down a century-old New York State law, massively now expanding gun rights in New York. Does this put New Yorkers, from your perspective, mayor, in greater danger?

Mayor Adams: Oh, without a doubt. And it's two days in a row, two days in a row that we saw our Chief Justice, our Supreme Court really go after our safety. Two days in a row, we've witnessed them go against the American people, and two days in a row, we saw them carry out politics over the true role that the Supreme Court can take. This is unimaginable when you think about how this impacts New York City. We are stating that one of the most difficult places to keep guns out of the hands who are dangerous, but we are now stating that we are going to make it more difficult for police officers.

Blitzer: And you're a former police officer yourself. I know you called today's US Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v. Wade a direct attack on women, but you also had a message that anyone seeking abortions around the country, in your words, is welcome to come to New York City. Do you see New York City as a safe haven potentially for abortion services?

Mayor Adams: Yes, we do. And we made it clear. When we first heard that this ruling was leaked, we started putting things in place that's going to protect women who are seeking a safe haven, a city that is going to allow them to have control over their bodies. We're going to make sure that there's counseling, we're going to utilize our website to give free information, and we're going to make sure that this is a place where our healthcare systems are going to support those who want to make these important decisions.

Blitzer: You shared something today very, very personal. That as a teenager, your then-girlfriend decided to get an abortion. Why did you decide, mayor, to open up about this today?

Mayor Adams: Because this was a real moment. As many of my leaders and my administration, five of my deputy mayors are women, and some of them shared some very personal moments. And people need to know that every time an individual makes a decision, a woman makes a decision to terminate a pregnancy, there's a story behind it. And my life would have been different and the child that was born, would have been born, would have been different. And Linda made an important decision that I believe she had the right to do because it was her body, and she made that decision based on where I was in my life.

Blitzer: The New York City mayor, Eric Adams. Thank you so much for joining us. We'll continue this conversation to be sure. We see demonstrations in your city, in New York City right now, in the aftermath of this US Supreme Court decision. Appreciate it very much.


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