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Transcript: Mayor Eric Adams Calls in to WABC Radio

July 8, 2022

Bernie McGuirk: Back here on the Bernie and Sid show, heard everywhere on that 77 WABC app. Right now, we're happy to be joined by the mayor of New York… Yes, sir, John Catsimitidis.

John Catsimatidis: The mayor of the City of New York.

McGuirk: So we have the mayor of New York city. Go ahead, you bring him in John. Go right ahead.

Catsimatidis: Well, the mayor of the City of New York, Eric Adams. And yesterday he became a hero in my eyes and a lot of New Yorkers’ eyes where he had the courage to stand up and say that bodega owner is not as guilty that they're trying to make him out to be. Mayor Eric Adams, tell us about that.

Mayor Eric Adams: Yeah, first of all, how you doing John? Good to be on with you. This is the same message that I've been stating over and over again. That hard-working New Yorkers, and Americans to be honest with you, should not be attacked in their place of work. There is a line that must be drawn when you are a primary aggressor and that is what I saw on the video. It's not to say the taking of a life should not be taken seriously and one should not interpret that. Taking of a life or threatening a life are serious actions. Responding to those jobs over and over again as a police officer, I know how serious that is. But I also know far too many people are becoming victims of criminal actions of those who are repeated violators of the law. And a hard-working person like that bodega employee was being attacked and we need to factor that in when we make these decisions.

Catsimatidis: Your police commissioner has been on this show and we have said, and I think me and you have talked about it. We have 3,000 violent criminals in this city. Multiple crimes, but violent crimes. I'm not talking about the person stealing a loaf of bread. And if we took those 3,000 violent, violent criminals off the streets of New York, the eight and a half million New Yorkers would be able to live in peace again. New York will open up. The subways will open up. The buses will open up. And the 66 million tourists will come back to New York City and you would be the nation's mayor and you would lead the way to other Democratic mayors in the rest of the country to open up their cities.

Mayor Adams: I just want to peel back that because number one, you're right on the number of 3000, roughly 3,000 people. Excuse me. Roughly 3,000 people are repeated, violent offenders. And this theory of catch and release is a theory that is destroying our city and our country. Now, with that in mind, it doesn't mean that the Police Department is still not working. 3,300 guns we removed off the streets. The commissioner announced yesterday we're seeing a decrease in shooting, decrease in homicides, the largest gun arrests in 27 year, history. We're seeing tourism return to our city. The numbers have been projected and increased. 95% of our hotels are back at pre-pandemic levels. So we are seeing Ws. We're seeing victories and wins, but we can't continue a criminal justice system that will allow dangerous people to be caught for their crimes and then released back into our streets to repeat their crimes again. That is what is hurting the feeling of being unsafe in our city because of these actions.

Catsimatidis: You're absolutely correct.

McGurik: May I-

Catsimatidis: People feel unsafe walking around the city and when you ask… Goldman Sachs is moving 5,000 people to Texas. I mean, sooner or later, we're going to start hurting if that keeps happening. Bernie, you wanted to ask a quick question.

McGuirk: I do, if you don't mind. Eric, Mayor Adams. This is Bernie here. Good morning to you, sir. God bless. I heard you sneeze. Listen, why do you suppose anybody with in their right mind that saw that videotape of the stabbing in the bodega knew that it was a clear case of self-defense. Clear case. And yet Alvin Bragg, the DA of Manhattan, opted to charge this man with second-degree murder. Hold him… He asked for a half a million dollars bail in the first place. What did he see that was different from what we saw, any rational person saw, and why should he not be fired for what he did?

Mayor Adams: I'm not sure if the video was available at the time of apprehension and at the time of the decision of the charges were handed down. Like I stated that DAs have a non-mandate. No one can mandate how they determine to prosecute a case and my role is never to interfere with the police. I've never called the police since to tell police to make an arrest, not make an arrest. I don't do that, it's independent. The DAs are independent. My role is a very clear one. As the mayor of the city, our hard-working New Yorkers, I'm going to stand up for them. I don't believe hard-working New Yorkers on the subways, in their places of business and now schools, they should not be the victims of violence. I believe there's far too many cases where we're spending time defending people who commit crimes. I'm going to defend New Yorkers who are doing the right things.

Catsimatidis: And that's the right thing to do and I want to thank you, Mayor Adams. There's one thing I want to clear up in case you're not knowledgeable of it. Is, I understand the misunderstanding or whatever between you and Mayor Giuliani. I want you to know that Mayor Giuliani was in a weak state of mind because of the fact… He wasn't breathing well and he's been like that for 30 days. On Tuesday, right after that weekend, on Tuesday he had stents put in to bring back his oxygen count up. So, no matter how hard that person hit him in the back, he felt it because of his health problem.

Mayor Adams: And that's quite possible. Giuliani is not my focus. My focus is the safety of the city.

Catsimatidis: I understand.

Mayor Adams: And also the fair treatment of New Yorkers. His articulation of what happened was far different from that video. That is the issue. To have a New Yorker who did not commit a crime and spent 24 hours in jail based on articulation of an assault is troubling to me and that is what I wanted to make clear. Jail is one of the most impactful, traumatizing things that can happen to an innocent New Yorker. We need to be very careful before we place a New Yorker who has not committed a crime inside incarceration. Our freedom is at the foundation of our constitution.

Catsimatidis: And I commend you. I commend you Mayor Adams on standing up for all New Yorkers. That's the most important part, that you have the courage to stand up against all New Yorkers. Thank you. For all New Yorkers, thank you for doing that.

Mayor Adams: Thank you. It's always good to speak with you and enjoy and have a safe weekend. Okay?

Catsimatidis: Okay. Thank you. Have a great weekend.

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