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Mayor’s Fund Launches Ebola Relief Campaign

November 11, 2014

100 percent of funds raised will go to on-the-ground medical and support efforts

NEW YORKOn FLO.NYC today, First Lady Chirlane McCray announced a new Mayor’s Fund effort to raise funds to fight Ebola. The text of the post is below.

Today, the people of New York City breathed a collective sigh of relief as Dr. Craig Spencer left Bellevue Hospital after recovering from Ebola.

Although his recovery was speedy and expected, we are relieved because Dr. Spencer is a hero of the first order. He contracted Ebola while working for Doctors Without Borders in the West African nation of Guinea. Dr. Spencer’s brave service didn’t just benefit his patients – it benefited the entire world, which is depending on selfless medical professionals like him to contain and ultimately stamp out the disease. There are no borders when it comes to fighting Ebola.

I know many New Yorkers are eager to support Dr. Spencer and his colleagues, but they’re not sure about the best way. So I am happy to announce that the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City, which I chair, is launching an effort to coordinate donations and direct funds where they are most needed.

The Mayor’s Fund is working with City agencies and health officials to stay on top of the situation. Every penny we raise will go to on-the-ground service providers such as Doctors Without Borders, UNICEF, or the American Red Cross. We will direct the funds to wherever they are most needed at any given time.

Click here to learn more and donate.

New Yorkers have a special appreciation for Dr. Craig Spencer, the nurses who cared for him and all medical first responders. Like our city’s brave police officers and firefighters, they rush toward danger in order to advance the greater good. When you partner with us and donate, you are honoring their heroism and providing much-needed aid to those who struggle to regain their health.

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