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Transcript: Mayor de Blasio Appears on the Kelly Clarkson Show

September 14, 2021

Kelly Clarkson: I'm so impressed with what Amanda is doing and that she's pulling this off all on her own, but I'm not the only one, there is another person who believes Amanda is a real hero in this city. He says Amanda embodies everything the great City of New York is. It's all about passion, compassion, and lifting one another up, which is so important more now than ever, and this is a man who truly knows New York’s spirit and resilience. Please welcome New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.  


So, you have something you’d like to share with Amanda, right?  

Mayor Bill de Blasio: Yes. And I have to say, Kelly, thank you for being in New York City. It means a lot to us.  


Clarkson: So happy to be here.  

Mayor: So, okay, we're the fashion capital of the world. Okay, we're strong, we're brass, that's who we are. But Tracy, Julia, behind our strong personalities, we have hearts of gold, right? Right?  

Tracy Morgan: Right. 

Julia Haart: Yes.  

Mayor: The compassion capital of the world too. And here we come to Amanda, who's done so much, and just decided she could make a difference. I love this, Amanda. I love what you've done. And also, that you saw something was wrong and you did something about it. And then to help our kids, our kids have been through extraordinarily tough times. Let's face it everyone, a year and a half where everything's come apart, trauma in many ways for our kids and they need love, they need support, especially our homeless kids, and you've been there for them, and that moves me deeply. That moves me deeply. So, I can't thank you enough. 

Amanda Munz: Thank you.  

Mayor: And Amanda, you know, it's nice to just say some words about you. I wanted to do something better than that. So, through magic, we're going to have a proclamation appear, watch this is going to happen. This is going to happen.  

Munz: Okay.  

Clarkson: I’m excited. Oh wait, it's going to happen.  

Mayor: Look at that, it happened.  

Clarkson: It’s happening, thank you, Chris.  


Mayor: Kelly, that’s like a special effect right there.  

Clarkson: That was like a – 

Mayor: Amazing the power we have here. So, this is official proclamation of the City of New York, and it really talks about all you have done to help your fellow New Yorkers. And so, I hereby proclaim, officially, today in the City of New York, as Amanda Munz Day. 


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