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De Blasio Administration Releases Mayor's Management Report for Fiscal Year 2020

September 17, 2020

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NEW YORK—The de Blasio administration today released the Mayor’s Management Report for Fiscal 2020, an analysis of City agencies’ performance from July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020. The MMR presents more than 2000 indicators from 45 City agencies that measure the City’s performance in providing services to New Yorkers.

“Every year, the Mayor’s Management Report holds us accountable and tells New Yorkers how we’ve performed for them,” said Mayor de Blasio. “This data tells the story of how the City has delivered, despite a year unlike any other. As trust in government becomes more important than ever, we’re proud to maintain our commitment to open access and transparency.”

“The Mayor's Management Report is an important opportunity to examine how our City is doing so that we can see what's working and what isn't, especially as we respond to the COVID-19 crisis with the upcoming fiscal constraints," said Jeff Thamkittikasem, Director of the Mayor's Office of Operations. “At Operations, performance and project management are core aspects of our work. I'm proud of the work done on this year's report, and proud of the progress we will continue to make as a City.”

This year, in addition to other chapters highlighting inter-agency collaboration on initiatives such as ThriveNYC or Vision Zero, the MMR has a short chapter on the City’s response to the COVID-19 crisis.

The MMR, which grew out of the 1970’s fiscal crisis, is a national model for holding City government accountable. Both MMR and Preliminary Mayor’s Management Report (PMMR), which covers the first four months of the fiscal year and is released in January, are mandated by Section 12 of the New York City Charter.

To view this year’s report, visit:

Key improvements include:


Vision Zero/Street Safety


  • Citywide traffic fatalities decreased 3.2% from 218 to 211.
  • Traffic fatalities (bicyclist/pedestrians) decreased 5.8% from 137 to 129.
  • Overall traffic crashes decreased 27.8% from 223,471 to 161,249.
  • Bicycle lane miles installed for the year increased 22.1% from 67.5 to 82.4.

Construction Safety


  • Construction-related accidents decreased 18.6% from 625 to 509.
  • Construction-related injuries decreased 17.3% from 646 to 534.
  • Construction-related fatalities decreased 27.3% from 11 to 8.
  • Violations issued increased 19.9% from 80,874 to 96,969.



  • DWI-related fatalities decreased 15% from 20 to 17.
  • Grand Larceny decreased .8% from 42,956 to 39,524

Fire Safety


  • Civilian fire fatalities decreased 20.9% from 67 to 53.
  • Structural fires decreased 0.8% from 26,207 to 25,993.



  • Syphilis cases decreased 2.5% from 1,974 to 1,925.
  • New HIV diagnoses (CY Preliminary) decreased 20.0% from 1,917 to 1,533.
  • Adults who smoke (CY) decreased 0.9% from 12.8% to 11.9%.


  • ThriveNYC and DVS launched Mission: VetCheck in which volunteers from the veteran’s community were trained to make supportive check-in calls to veterans; over 12,800 calls to veterans were made between April and the end of June 2020.
  • Requests from veterans, family members and caregivers that resulted in a successful connection to care, services or resources (with DVS) increased from 504 in FY19 to 1,402 in all of FY20.


Zero Waste


  • Tons of refuse disposed decreased by 1.1% from 3.248M tons to 3.204M tons – significant drop toward meeting 3.150M tons goal
  • Curbside and containerized recycling diversion rate increased 0.4% from 18.1% to 18.5%.



  • Housing starts under Housing NY (HNY) (units) increased 18.6% from 25,321 to 30,023.
  • Preservation starts under Housing NY (units) increased 45.4% from 16,180 to 23,520.


  • Supportive housing units available to persons with serious mental illness increased 5.5% from 9.1 to 9.6.


  • Applicants placed in public housing increased 5.8% from 3,147 to 3,330.
  • Applicants placed through Section 8 vouchers increased 49.0% from 2,438 to 3,632.

Quality of Life


  • DEP Water main breaks decreased 19.2% from 459 to 371.
  • DEP Street cave-in complaints received improved by 18% from 3,767 to 3,104.


  • DOT Streets maintained with a pavement rating of "Good" increased 0.2% from 71.6% to 71.8%.
  • DOT Pothole work orders decreased 11.2% from 42,960 to 38,151.



  • Citywide fleet size decreased 0.8% from 30,755 to 30,502.
  • Electric vehicles in the citywide fleet increased 3.2% from 2,662 to 2,747



  • Major felony crimes in schools decreased 35.1% from 444 to 288.
  • Other criminal activities in school decreased 36.5% from 1,537 to 976
  • Other incidents in schools decreased 30.7% from 4,202 to 2,912.



  • Child protective specialist caseload decreased 29.0% from 10.5 to 7.5.


  • Child support collected increased 3.9% from $780.8 to $811.1.


  • MWBEs that were certified increased 10.7% from 9,063 to 10,034.
  • MWBEs awarded City contracts increased 0.7% from 1,528 to 1,539.
  • Unique businesses and customers served by SBS increased 6.6% from 21,069 to 22,460
  • MWBEs awarded contracts after receiving procurement and capacity building assistance increased 3.3% from 1,022 to 1,056.


  • Adult families entering the DHS shelter services system decreased 22% from 1,433 to 1,118.
  • Families with children entering the DHS shelter services system decreased 15.7% from 11,965 to 10,087.
  • Single adults entering the DHS shelter services system decreased 3.9% from 21,122 to 20,296.

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