Education - State of the City 2020

State of the City 2020
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NYC's Brightest

Every student deserves a great school. And over the past six years, we’ve seen real progress. Test scores, graduation rates and college readiness are all up. Pre-K for All is shrinking the achievement gap, and Community Schools are improving student performance. Now we have to raise the bar even higher by helping kids start learning even earlier, tracking and improving schools in real time, and bringing dynamic new teachers into the classroom.

New Family Home Visits

New parents in New York City will have a helping hand from the very start of their journey.  In addition to our existing maternal depression screenings, investment in children’s social/emotional learning, and NYC Baby Showers, we will begin a new program that offers home visits to all first-time parents in New York City. They’ll help both parents and babies stay healthy, help new families strengthen their bonds and make sure families know where to turn for childcare, a pediatrician and all the support they need in those critical early years.

3K for Even More Families

Free Pre-K for All is a reality for all four-year olds in New York City, and 3K for All is growing fast.  As of September, 3K will cover half of New York City’s school districts, including four new districts in District 1, District 12, District 14 and District 29.

Best the Nation in Graduation Rate

New York City is making a commitment to surpass the nation’s graduation rate in the next five years, reaching 86% by 2026. When we achieve this, it will be the first time in the City’s history that our graduation rate exceeds the national average.

Introducing EduStat

Working to improve every school, EduStat is bringing school leadership together with Chancellor Richard Carranza to focus on current key indicators such as attendance, credit accumulation, formative assessment, and suspension. Through this process, the Department of Education can focus on problems macro to micro, analyze real-time data, identify trends, and deploy resources accordingly. Like never before, we are unifying our system and creating targeted, real-time solutions.

Recruiting Diverse and Gifted Teachers

Representation matters, and we want all students in New York City to be able to learn from a diverse set of teachers.  We are adopting a bold new goal of putting an additional 1,000 men of color on the path to becoming teachers by 2022.