Homes - State of the City 2020

State of the City 2020
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A New York New Yorkers Can Afford

There is little more fundamental to New Yorkers than our homes. We have a plan that will help New Yorkers get, afford, and keep their homes.

Reform Property Taxes

We convened a commission to evaluate all aspects of the City’s property tax system and recommend reforms to make the system fairer, simpler, and more transparent. The Commission’s preliminary recommendations are the most significant reforms proposed in forty years, and will bring a much needed level of fairness, transparency, and simplicity to the entire system. Together, we can bring our tax system into the modern day.

End Long-Term Street Homelessness

Every New Yorker deserves a safe and affordable home. In December we launched The Journey Home, a plan to end long-term street homelessness as we know it, which will cut street homelessness in half in the next five years. We remain committed to that goal. With increased outreach, a three-fold increase in Safe Haven beds under this Administration, and a plan to open 1,000 more, we are well on our way.

Repair and Rebuild Public Housing

For decades, all levels of government turned their backs on NYCHA. We refused to do the same. Instead, we’ve invested an unprecedented $6B and are aggressively working to turn around years of neglect and disinvestment.  Under the NYCHA 2.0 plan, the City is renovating tens of thousands of NYCHA apartments, replacing aging elevators and boilers, and attacking chronic problems like mold and leaks. We’ll use innovative strategies to fund new repairs and keep public housing safe and affordable for next generation.

Keep New Yorkers in Their Affordable Homes

Your Home NYC, the next phase of Housing New York, is our commitment to keep New Yorkers in their affordable homes. We have already kept 255,000 New Yorkers in their affordable homes, and in the next two years we will protect 78,000 more New Yorkers.

New Homes for the Lowest-Income New Yorkers

Your Home NYC will prioritize building new homes for our lowest-income New Yorkers. Half of all City financed newly-built homes will be for families making under $50,000 per year, and at least half of those will be for families making less than $30,000 per year.

Legalize Basement Apartments and Accessory Units

We will take the first steps to legalize basement apartments and accessory units such as apartments over garages, giving us the opportunity to make them safe and secure while adding more affordable places to live for New Yorkers.

Rent without a Security Deposit

Our plan will put money that used to go to security deposits back in the pockets of hardworking New York renters. Too many New Yorkers work hard to afford rent, but don’t have enough cash upfront for a security deposit. With a policy aimed at ending the archaic and unfair ways that security deposits are currently collected, we are committed to creating options for how renters pay security deposits, starting with City financed homes.

Universal Renter Protection

We must stop rent gouging in its tracks. Protecting our renters is critical to tackling the affordability crisis. We are advocating for the State Legislature to pass new tenant protections for the 2.5 million New Yorkers who live in our nearly 900,000 unregulated homes. We are committed to protections that will help shield those renters from steep rent shocks and arbitrarily losing their leases.

Expand Community Land Trusts and Build Neighborhood Wealth

We need to give land in this city – and the financial benefits that come with it – back to the people. We will support the use of Community Land Trusts and new neighborhood wealth-building tools to allow residents to own their own home or own a share of local development projects. These tools will allow long-time residents to own thousands of homes in their own neighborhoods and build wealth as their community grows.