State of the City 2018

How We Become the Fairest Big City in America

New Yorkers share a deep sense of pride in our hometown. Wherever I go, I hear from people who want to make sure we don't lose what's great about our city—who want to make sure that this remains an open place, an inclusive place, a place for everyone.

We came into office determined to preserve the greatness of New York City: today, tomorrow, and for generations. We set audacious goals, and we have exceeded those goals.

Crime is at record lows and police and communities have never been closer. Student test scores are up citywide and every four-year-old has access to pre-K. We're building and preserving affordable housing at a record pace; putting ourselves on the path to a sustainable future; and pursuing justice, equity, and health for every New Yorker in every ZIP code.

Now, we have four more years to go further, move faster, and do more. Now, we work to make New York City the Fairest Big City in America.

– Mayor Bill de Blasio

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