Additional Resources

Below links contain detailed information about organizations, agencies, and programs that are working toward getting 9/11-affected people healthy. We would like to remind you that a listing is not a guarantee of services or eligibility. As funding shifts, some services may no longer be available. It is always best to call the organization listed for details about their program.



Alcoholics Anonymous
What Is Provided: Support for people with alcoholism
For Whom:  Anyone who wants to stop drinking
Contact:  Call (212) 647-1680 or visit


American Group Psychotherapy Association
What Is Provided: Direct mental health services for those continuing to feel the effects of 9/11 as well as clinicians working with them
For Whom:   Adults, children and adolescents nationally
Contact:    Call (877) 668-2472 or visit


APEX (Asian Professional Extension)
What Is Provided: Mentoring, educational programming, social services, and career guidance
For Whom:   New York City Asian youth
Contact:    Call (212) 748-1225 or visit
Other Languages:    Chinese


Beyond Ground Zero (National Mobilization Against Sweatshops and Chinese Staff and Workers Association, Inc.) 
What Is Provided: Advocacy for the rights of low-income workers
For Whom:   Anyone affected by the WTC attacks
Contact:    Call (212) 358-0295 and (212) 334-2333 (Chinese) <1--or visit>
Other Languages:    Cantonese, Mandarin, Polish and Spanish


Big Apple Prescription Drug Discount Card 
What Is Provided: Average discount of 47%
For Whom:   All New Yorkers
Contact:    Visit or call 311.


Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Morris, Bergen and Passaic Counties
What Is Provided: Carefully screened and trained mentors to increase social support for children
For Whom:   New Jersey children living in Morris, Bergen, Passaic and Sussex counties in need of a mentor
Contact:    Call (973)335-3044


Catholic Charities Community Services of the Archdiocese of New York
What Is Provided: Health care, support and emergency shelter
For Whom:  Residents of the Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island, Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, Orange, Dutchess, Sullivan, and Ulster counties
Contact:  Call (888)744-7900 or visit


The Chinatown Resources Center at Hamilton-Madison House
What Is Provided: Outreach/public education services, advocacy services, mental health screening, and wellness activities
For Whom:  Adults impacted by 9/11
Contact:  Call (212) 571-2823 or visit
Other Languages:  Chinese


The Chinese-American Planning Council
What Is Provided: Community services, child care, youth services, workforce development training, senior services, home attendant services, and housing
For Whom:  Chinese and Chinese-Americans in New York City
Contact:  Call (212) 941-0920 or visit
Other Languages:  Chinese


Christopher Santora Scholarship Fund
What Is Provided: Scholarships for students who meet the qualifying criteria
For Whom:  Students enrolled in eligible schools, living in eligible co-op buildings or who have relatives working in eligible firehouses.
Contact:  Call (718) 626-4215 or visit


Con Edison Energy Share Program
What Is Provided: One-time grants up to $200 to help pay monthly electricity bills
For Whom:  Con Edison customers who are HEAP eligible and facing disconnection; program begins February 1, 2011
Contact:  Call (877) 480-7427 or visit
Other Languages: Spanish


Con Edison Medical Emergency Program
What Is Provided: Up to 30 days of additional time to pay a gas or electric bill
For Whom:  Patients facing a medical emergency
Contact:  Call (800) 752-6633


Connecticut Information Line 
What Is Provided: Telephone hotline providing information about community services, referrals to human services, and crisis intervention
For Whom:  Any Connecticut resident
Contact:  Call 211 or (800) 203-1234 (outside of Connecticut)
Other Languages: All languages


Council of Jewish Organizations of Flatbush
What Is Provided: Counseling and support groups, advocacy, crisis intervention, case management, employment services, senior services and legal services
For Whom:  South Brooklyn residents
Contact:  Call (718) 377-2900 or visit
Other Languages: Arabic, French, Hebrew, Hungarian, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian, and Yiddish


District Council 37, AFSCME
What Is Provided: NYC public employee union providing assistance in navigating through 9/11-related healthcare and benefits
For Whom:  District Council 37 members & AFSCME affiliates
Contact:  DC 37 Safety & Health Department 212-815-1685 or visit


Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund 
What Is Provided: Educational assistance for postsecondary study.
For Whom:  Financial dependents of those killed or permanently disabled in the 9/11 attacks and their aftermath.
Contact:  Call (877) 862-0136 or visit


Families of September 11, Inc 
What Is Provided: Offers information, promotes resiliency and raises awareness on behalf of members
For Whom:  Families who lost a loved one on 9/11 and those affected by the disaster.
Contact:  Visit or or call (212) 575-1878


Faithful Response
What Is Provided: Free mental health care, counseling, and case management services
For Whom:  Individuals struggling with the effects of 9/11 and related events
Contact:  Call (516) 679-0080 or visit
Other Languages: Italian and Spanish


F-E-G-S Health and Human Services System
What Is Provided: Employment and training, career development, behavioral health, developmental disabilities, residential, rehabilitation, family and homecare services
For Whom:  People who are economically disadvantaged
Contact:  Call (212) 366-8038 or visit


The First Hand Foundation
What Is Provided: Help with health-related needs when insurance and other financial resources are exhausted
For Whom:  Children
Contact:  Call (816) 201-1569 or contact


Friends of Firefighters 
What Is Provided: Individual and couples counseling, wellness trips and special events.
For Whom:  FDNY staff and their families
Contact:  Call (718) 643-0980 or 718 (643-1240) or visit


Islamic Circle of North America Relief USA 
What Is Provided: Shelter, food pantry, couples counseling, a crisis hotline and financial and legal resources through information and referrals
For Whom:  Homeless, sick and injured, families and couples
Contact:  Call Brother Moviv and Ishaq at (718) 658-7028 extension 112 or 113 or visit; crisis hotline: (866) 801-9271


Jewish Family and Vocational Services of Middlesex County
What Is Provided: Mental health services including community education/wellness activities, individual therapy, support groups, advocacy and immigration services, meals on wheels and a food pantry
For Whom:  WTC evacuees, families, and dependents of the deceased, affected residents, injured survivors and recovery workers
Contact:  Call intake coordinator at (732) 777-1940 or visit 


Job Centers 
What Is Provided:

On-site access to job search and placement services, childcare information, vocational, educational and training services, as well as referrals for Medicaid, food stamp and other emergency assistance benefits

For Whom:  Able-bodied New Yorkers who need public assistance
Contact:  Call 311, HRA Hotline at (877) 472-8411 or visit


LifeNet (Mental Health Association of New York City)
What Is Provided: Telephone hotline providing free, confidential crisis intervention, referral and information
For Whom:  Primarily serves the NYC area but can connect callers to referral hotlines throughout the United States
Contact:  Call (800) 543-3638 (English)
(212) 982-5284 (TTY for Deaf/Hearing Impaired)
Other Languages: Spanish, Chinese, and Deaf


Lutheran Social Services of New York - Midtown New Life Center
What Is Provided:

Immigration and legal representation

For Whom: 



Call (212) 265-1826 (lower Manhattan office) or visit

Other Languages:



Massachusetts 9/11 Fund
What Is Provided:

Direct services, information and referral, community building and advocacy

For Whom: 

Families in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island who lost loved ones on 9/11


Call (866) 386-3911 or visit


Mental Health Association of Westchester County
What Is Provided: Individual, marriage and family counseling, crisis intervention, mental health treatment, rehabilitation, education and training, advocacy and community events
For Whom:  Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical Services personnel and their families, and others affected by 9/11 who reside in Westchester
Contact:  Call (914) 345-5900 ext. 240 or visit


Michael Lynch Memorial Foundation
What Is Provided: Grants for higher education
For Whom:  NYC firefighters, victims of 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, and some other disaster victims
Contact:  Lou Ann Eckert-Lynch ( or visit


Narcotics Anonymous
What Is Provided: Support for people with drug problems
For Whom:  Anyone who wants to stop using drugs
Contact:  Call (212) 929-6262 or visit


Nassau County Drug and Alcohol Hotline 
What Is Provided: 24/7 crisis intervention hotline - free, anonymous and confidential
For Whom:  Long Island residents
Contact:  Call (516) 481-4000 or visit


National Grid Medical Emergency Program
What Is Provided: Up to 30 days of additional time to pay a phone, gas, electric, or water bill
For Whom:  Long Island residents facing a medical emergency
Contact:  Call (800) 266-1923


National Grid Neighborhood Heating Fund
What Is Provided: Once-a-year grants up to $200 to help pay heating bills
For Whom:  National Grid customers in Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island who are HEAP eligible
Contact:  Call (718) 422-4207


New Jersey Vets Helpline
What Is Provided: Free and confidential mental health helpline
For Whom:  New Jersey veterans of all wars and their families; military personnel, including National Guard and Reserve Personnel, who were deployed to the WTC site and/or Iraq
Contact:  Call (866) 838-7654 or visit
Other Languages: Spanish


New York City Al-Anon
What Is Provided: Support for individuals and families whose loved ones have alcoholism
Contact:  Call (212) 941-0094 or visit


New York City Job Opportunities   
What Is Provided: Job openings in New York City government
Contact:  Visit


New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health (NYCOSH)
What Is Provided: Non-profit coalition of 200 local unions, physicians, lawyers and other activists dedicated to workplace safety and health
For Whom:  Any worker in New York State
Contact:  Call (212) 227-6440 or visit


New York State Higher Education Services Corporation
What Is Provided: WTC Memorial Scholarship provides funds to help meet the costs of attending college.
For Whom:  Children, spouses and financial dependents of those killed or permanently disabled in the 9/11 attacks and their aftermath
Contact:  Call (888) 697-4372 or download an application at


New York State Workers' Compensation Board
What Is Provided: Compensation for lost wages or medical benefits for 9/11-related health conditions
For Whom:   Eligible rescue, recovery and clean-up workers who registered by September 11, 2010
Contact:  Call (877) 632-4996 or visit


New York University Child Study Center
What Is Provided: Psychiatric services
For Whom:   Youth and their families
Contact:  Call (212) 263-6622 or visit


9/11 Environmental Action
What Is Provided: Advocacy on environmental and health issues related to 9/11, including outreach for the pediatric program at the WTC Environmental Health Center
For Whom:   Residents, students and working people affected by the WTC disaster
Contact:    Visit


9/11 Healing and Rembrance
What Is Provided: 10th anniversary-related resources to foster healing through information and support to those affected by the events of 9-11
For Whom:   Survivors of the 9/11 attacks, especially those who lost family members
Contact:    Call 1-866-212-0444 or visit


9/11 Health Watch
What Is Provided: Zadroga Act advocacy
For Whom:   9/11 responders and survivors
Contact:    Call (518) 436-8516 or email


9/11 Mothers and Young Children Project

What Is Provided: Mental health treatment, support groups and referrals
For Whom:   Mothers (and their children) who were pregnant when they lost their husbands on 9/11 or gave birth in the months just before
Contact:    Call (212) 675-1918 or visit


9/11 National Day of Service

What Is Provided: Volunteer service projects in observance of 9/11
For Whom:   Those affected by 9/11 interested in volunteering


The 9/11 Together We Stand Mentoring Program
What Is Provided: Mentoring
For Whom:   Children ages 6-17 who reside in any borough of NYC and lost a parent or relative on 9/11
Contact:    Call Lilli Goldberg at (212) 686-2042, x269 or email
Other Languages:    Spanish


Office of Financial Empowerment

What Is Provided: Financial education and debt/credit information to help New Yorkers get, save, protect and manage their money
For Whom:  New Yorkers with low incomes
Contact:  Call 311 or visit


Program for Anxiety and Traumatic Stress
What Is Provided: Mental health services with expertise in diagnosis and treatment of trauma, anxiety and mood disorders
For Whom:  Individuals and their families affected by 9/11, veterans and members of the military
Contact:  Call (212) 821-0783 or visit


Reconciliation and Culture Cooperative Network (RACCOON)
What Is Provided: Community health needs assistance
For Whom:  Immigrants from the Western Balkans (Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia)
Contact:  Call (718) 784-9121 or visit
Other Languages: Albanian, Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian


Response of Suffolk County 
What Is Provided: 24/7 crisis intervention hotline - free, anonymous and confidential, and online crisis counseling service; online chats M-F (5-11 p.m.)
For Whom:  Suffolk County residents
Contact:  Call (631) 751-7500 (English) or (631) 751-7423 (Spanish - only available M-F, 5 - 10 pm) or visit
Other Languages: Spanish


The Samaritan’s 24-Hour Suicide Prevention Hotline
What Is Provided: Completely confidential, telephone-based emotional support
For Whom:  People experiencing depression, trauma and grief related to 9/11
Contact:  Call (212) 673-3000 or visit


September 11th Families Association
What Is Provided: Information, advocacy and support to 9/11 families; also operates the Tribute WTC Visitor Center near Ground Zero in lower Manhattan
For Whom:   Individuals and families who lost a loved one on 9/11
Contact:    Call (212) 422-3520 or visit


Sky Help
What Is Provided: Two-or four-day small group “resilience and rebuilding” workshops
For Whom:  Uniformed, civilian, and volunteer personnel who have served in 9/11 rescue/recovery efforts; returning veterans and individuals returning from recent disasters; caregivers, survivors, chaplains, and trauma responders
Contact:  Call (877) 759-4357 or visit


NYC Smoking Cessation Programs
What Is Provided: Help for people who want to stop smoking
For Whom:  Anyone who wants to quit
Contact:  Call 311 or visit 


The St. Mark’s Place Institute
What Is Provided: Mental health and substance abuse services
For Whom:  Anyone in New York City
Contact:  Call Peter Turco at (212) 982-3470 and ask for the 9/11 Wellness and Recovery Program
Other Languages: French, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Spanish, and Ukranian


What Is Provided: Opportunity to honor and record stories about the lives of those who were lost on 9/11
For Whom:  Anyone who wants to share a story related to 9/11
Contact:  The StoryBooth in New York City is located in Grand Central Terminal.
To make a reservation or for additional locations, call 646-723-7027
Other Languages: Interviews can be conducted in any language


Services for the Underserved
What Is Provided: Housing, home care coordination, employment, wellness and peer-to-peer counseling
For Whom:  Individuals with behavioral or mental health challenges.
Contact:  Call 212-633-6900 or  visit
Other Languages: Interviews can be conducted in any language


Trauma Studies and Services at Columbia University and New York State Psychiatric Institute
What Is Provided: Research treatment focus on psychotherapies for chronic posttraumatic stress disorder
For Whom:  Anyone ages 18-65 can call for an initial screening and referral
Contact:  Call (212) 543-6747 or visit


Trauma Studies Center of the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy 
What Is Provided: Specialized trauma treatment on a sliding scale
For Whom:  People affected by 9/11 and others
Contact:  Call (212) 333-3444 or visit


Tuesday's Children 
What Is Provided: Educational and career guidance, mentoring, wellness and parenting workshops
For Whom:  Families of 9/11 victims
Contact:  Call (516) 562-9000 or visit


Tuesday's Children: First Responder Alliance 
What Is Provided: Family-oriented events, career guidance, counseling, health and wellness and more, at no cost
For Whom:  9/11 rescue and recovery workers
Contact:  Call (516) 562-9001 or visit


Twin Towers Orphan Fund 
What Is Provided: Long-term higher educational, mental and physical healthcare assistance
For Whom:  Children who lost parents in the 2001 terrorist attacks
Contact:  Call (661) 633-9076 or visit


US Department of Health and Human Services' Hill Burton Free Health Care Pogram
What Is Provided: Free or discounted services at certain hospitals, clinics and other facilities
For Whom:   People unable to pay based on income level
Contact:    Call (800) 638-0742 or visit


Voices of September 11th
What Is Provided: Information, advocacy and support services including assessment, case management, referrals, mental health programs and teleconference support groups
For Whom:   Anyone affected by 9/11 with particular emphasis on 9/11 families,
survivors, rescue, and recovery workers
Contact:    Call (866) 505-3911 or visit


Where to Turn
What Is Provided: Information, referral, and crisis relief services for victims during the recovery process
For Whom:   Victims of any tragedy
Contact:    Call (718) 966-6531 or visit


Willow House September 11th Project
What Is Provided:

Peer support groups and special events

For Whom: 

Families and individuals affected by 9/11


Call (847) 236-9300 or visit


World Cares Center
What Is Provided: Disaster preparedness training
For Whom:  Civilians and emergency managers
Contact:    Call (212) 563-7570 or (800) 975-4281 or visit


Workforce 1 
What Is Provided:

Provides employment services through Career Centers in all five boroughs

For Whom:   Adults looking for jobs and employers seeking skilled workers
Contact:    Call 311 or visit


World Foundation for Music and Healing-Feel the Music!
What Is Provided: Music workshops, art workshops, mural project, concerts, nature retreats and special events
For Whom:  Children, teens and families directly affected by 9/11
Contact:    Call (212) 669-6126 or visit


World Trade Center Rescuers Foundation
What Is Provided: Connects rescue workers with health & financial resources
For Whom:  Anyone involved in 9/11 rescue & recovery operations
Contact:    Visit


World Trade Center United Family Group/The September 11th Education Trust
What Is Provided: Mutual support; also produces 9/11 education programs for schools nationally
For Whom:   September 11th families, survivors and rescue workers
Contact:    Call (973) 216-2623 or visit