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January 13, 2016

“Close to Home” Young Women Learn about Self-Care

“Look good, feel good,” young women from The Administration for Children’s Services’ “Close to Home” program learned at our “Self-Care” workshop on Wednesday, January 13th. Group leaders, Natasha Gaspard and Diane Bailey, started off the workshop by showing the group of 30 teenage girls some dolls with both straight and curly/kinky hair, and asking them which doll was more beautiful. Through this exercise the girls explored beauty and identity, and were encouraged to feel beautiful as they are and in their own skin.

“Natural hair is a gateway to talking about a lot of issues…It’s a representation…and the messages that we receive in the media, affect how we view ourselves,” said Natasha Gaspard of Naturals4Change, an organization committed to changing the negative perception of natural hair.

The workshop, organized by The Division of Youth and Family Justice (DYFJ), is the second of their self-empowerment workshops series. The workshop allowed the young women to explore the misconceptions of beauty and identity, which often can lead to low self-perceptions.

“It starts with self-care…promote self-care, taking care of skin, hair, gives them a start in their day…They need to actualize their own beauty,” said Diane Bailey of SheaMoisture, an award-winning hair and skin brand.

Each young lady received a self-care kit and was shown how to use the products to take care of their natural hair.


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