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CPP Community Rep Training

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Everyone plays a part in promoting the safety and well-being of New York City’s children and families.

The ACS Office of Community Partnerships (OCP):

  • Builds respectful relationships with residents and providers to help keep children safe and make it possible for them to succeed.
  • Helps communities learn how ACS assists children and youth – through our child welfare, juvenile justice, and early care and education services.
  • Listens to the community’s questions, concerns and suggestions about ACS and works to resolve them.

Community Partnership Program

Through the Community Partnership Programs (CPP) ACS provides funding to communities in NYC so that:

  • Local organizations have a space to network with each other and share critical information and resources to support children and their families.
  • Parents/caregivers and community leaders get to know each other and can connect families to help.

ACS works with eleven Community Partnership Programs in the following neighborhoods:


  • Highbridge
  • Mott Haven
  • Soundview (Find them on Facebook)


  • East Harlem
  • Lower East Side (Find them on Facebook)

Staten Island



  • Elmhurst
  • Jamaica (Find them on Facebook)

Partnering with Communities

Foster Parent Recruitment - Each CPP brings together foster care agencies in their community to find safe and loving homes for children in ACS care. Contact your CPP to find out about how to become a foster or adoptive parent.

Faith-Based Programs- Places of worship provide opportunities for ACS to engage and educate families about ACS-what we do, how we help children and their families. Through this effort, many churches and places of worship have established ministries to help support children and their families.

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ACS in Your Community

ACS works with families and communities in their neighborhoods to help protect and support children and youth. Some examples of our outreach include:

  • Collaborating with the new American communities to educate them on New York State Child Abuse and Neglect laws. OCP is involved with the Queens Borough President Immigration Task Force and participates in their informational meetings and events.
  • Holding workshops that that teach children the proper ways to cross the street, to stay away from poisonous materials, and how to be fire safe and prevent drowning.
  • Partnering with local organizations such as St. Mary’s Hospital on new car seat and helmet give-away and installation events.
  • Collaborating with the NYU College of Dentistry whose students provide free dental evaluations to families in the community at schools, libraries, and community fairs.
  • ACS in Your Community – Jamaica, Queens

    The Jamaica CPP partnered with the parent coordinators and principals at P.S. 40 and P.S. 48. to help support children and families at these schools. After identifying the schools’ needs, the CPP helped bring a case planner from the Southern Queens Park Association Beacon program to provide services to children and their families twice a week including free family and individual counseling, as well as mental health and anger management services are provided for adolescents.

CPPs are open to all who want to support children and families. If you are a parent, community-based organization, faith institution, business owner and know about or have resources that can help children and youth in your community, contact the ACS Office of Community Partnerships.

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Get Involved

Community members can become part of the solution by:

  • Helping ACS find and support foster parents;
  • Being involved at the table when meetings between ACS and parents are held.
  • Finding family friendly locations to host successful visits between  children in care and their families

You can participate in any of the following ways: 

  • ACS Community Representatives offer support and important information about local resources. You can become a Community Representative and receive training to be a peer support to a family at an ACS led family team conference. You will receive free training and a stipend for your time. Learn more about Family Team Conferences

  • Become a Community Visit Host. It’s one way to help a child in foster care reunite with his/her family. A Community Visit Host observes and documents visits for foster care agencies in family-friendly locations. You will receive free training and a stipend for your time.
  • ACS in Your Community – Bronx

    One Bronx parent involved in ACS’ Visiting program recently stated: “There is always an open door policy at church… I could use one room entirely where I played with my baby.” Another parent shared, “Time goes faster when we have the visit outside. I feel like I am her mother.”

  • The ACS Fatherhood Initiative encourages all fathers and father figures to get involved in or start a Responsible Fatherhood Coalition. The initiative is a joint effort by city, state, federal and community organization to help fathers play a more active role in the lives of their children. The Coalition organizes several events, some of which are school-based, such as:

    ACS in Your Community – Harlem, NYC

    The parent coordinator at the Salome Ureña Campus School in Washington Heights expressed gratitude that ACS reached out to her in support of the school’s predominantly Spanish speaking fathers. She expressed appreciation that ACS and the fatherhood group had taken time and effort to make presentations to her group – they received information about ACS (‘Demystifying ACS’ workshop), child support laws, regulations and assistance and tips on parent/child interaction.

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Invite Us

OCP provides information, trainings, presentations and resources at your school, Parent Teacher Association meetings, neighborhood association and other community events to help families understand the child welfare, juvenile justice and early child care and education programs and policies.

To request a ‘Demystifying ACS’ presentation or a workshop on ACS programs and services, contact the Office of Community Partnerships.

Join Us

To find out more about the CPP in your neighborhood and attend a meeting of the partnership, send us an email. Download the Monthly Meeting Calendar and contact the Community Partnership directly.

Request Materials

You can request child safety and other ACS materials to distribute.
Some commonly requested materials include:


Materials are available in English and Spanish with limited availability in Creole, Korean, Russian and Chinese.

Call: (212) 341-0999
Or, Email your request

Stay Connected

Sign up for updates on CPP and local CBO events. Contact ACS

We Want to Hear from You

Contact us if you have questions about ACS or suggestions about how we can improve our services in your community.

Call: (212) 341- 3168
Or, send us an Email

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