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Crossover Youth & the Crossover Youth Practice Model (CYPM)

The Crossover Youth Practice Model (CYPM) is a multi-agency, cross-system practice model that aims to address the needs of youth involved in both child welfare and juvenile justice systems. Its core goal is to reduce further youth involvement in the juvenile justice system in a manner that is consistent with the needs and best interests of the youth and the need for the protection of the community. Hear a CYPM graduate talk about how the model helped him.

CYPM was developed by the Center for Juvenile Justice Reform at Georgetown University. New York City created its own Model as a joint initiative of ACS, Department of Probation(DOP), and Family Court and was implemented city-wide in 2016.

General Information

Important Forms for Staff working with CYPM Youth

Important Contacts for Staff working with CYPM Youth

Training Information for Staff working with CYPM Youth

  • Half-day CYPM Training is currently being offered to Preventive and Foster Care Staff. Agency STARS coordinators can sign up Case Planners, Supervisors, Directors and Agency Trainers in STARS.
  • Family Voices, produced by the Center for Innovation provides a helpful overview of the juvenile justice system for families and staff. Watch the video.