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May 22, 2015

ACS Helps Families Prepare for Prom, Graduation Season

On Friday, May 22, 2015 staff from the Bronx office of the Administration for Children’s Services, helped families choose dresses, and matching accessories for the upcoming prom and graduation season. The event was a “trunk show” held at Monroe College, 2501 Jerome Avenue, where families were able to pick their favorites from a huge inventory of gowns, dresses, shoes and accessories, try on their selection in front of family and friends and have their selections packaged and ready for their big day. Helping families with their selections were Bronx Division of Child Protection (DCP) staff led by Borough Commissioner, Almarie Buddington, Deputy Director Lissette Estrella, and DCP Associate Commissioner Charita Thomas, as well as child protection specialists and managers from the borough. The gowns were contributed by ACS staff from several collection drives organized by child welfare supervisors Annette Goodman and Christina Nunez-Gomez. Assistant Commissioner Buddington welcomed the families to the event. “Thank you for allowing us to celebrate these milestones with you,” she said. She thanked Monroe College for hosting the event, allowing the families to make their selections in comfort. The sentiment was returned in thank you notes prepared by some of the children. One note read, “Thank you all for being so kind and helping us get the perfect prom dress.” A second event will be held shortly to help young men and boys prepare for the season.

Prom 2015
ACS staffer Ashley Johnson helps two teens decide on a prom dress from the huge selection
Prom 2015
A teen tries on one of her selections… While another gets help from a family friend to choose from two contenders
Prom 2015
ACS staffers who helped organized the event, from left Christina Nunez-Gomez, Lissette Estrella, Annette Goodman, Almarie Buddington, and Kellye Stennett

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