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ACS Tie Team Teaches the Art of Tying A Tie and Bow Tie at Father’s Day Workshop

The Manhattan office of the ACS Division of Child Protection held a “How to Tie a Tie & Bow Tie" workshop on Friday May 19th where fathers, mothers and children began to master the art and share this new skill with their friends and family. The event was held at the MDCP office at 55 W125th Street in Harlem in honor of Father’s Day, and each participant received a tie or bow tie. About 20 families attended the workshop.

On hand to conduct the workshop were ACS staffers and bow-tie aficionados Willie Maye, Jr., Director of Personnel Services, Bryan Kemp, Associate Commissioner DCP, Luc Severe, Chief of Staff, Division of Policy, Planning and Measurement, and Ducoste Lamothe, Jr., Deputy Director, MDCP. Lydia Hyatt, Child Protective Specialist Supervisor, came up with the idea for the event and let the ACS Tie Team brilliantly.

For one young man who came to the event dressed in his tuxedo for his prom, the session came in the nick of time. While he appeared to be learning the intricate art of the bow tie, the teen announced he had clip-on in his pocket that he would wear to his evening event.

“Learning how to tie a tie or bow tie is as critical in adolescent development as a preschooler learning how to tie their shoelaces,” said Mr. Lamothe. “Although mastering this skill will take some ongoing practice, we are confident that we’ve planted a seed in showing that we care. Well-being is all about teaching children in our community the very things that we teach our own children.”


Father’s Day Workshop
ACS staffer Willie Maye Jr., shows a young boy how to tie a bow tie.
Father’s Day Workshop
ACS staffer Lydia Hyatt shows one of the youth how to tie a tie.
Father’s Day Workshop
ACS staffers Bryan Kemp teaches the fine points of tying a bow tie.
Father’s Day Workshop
ACS staffers who helped organize and conduct the workshop.

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