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About the ACS Workforce Institute

Through partnership with the City University of New York (CUNY) School of Professional Studies (SPS), the ACS Workforce Institute offers professional learning initiatives that move training beyond the classroom to enhance skill development for new and seasoned ACS and provider agency staff.

Programs incorporate cutting-edge learning methods, supported by evidence-based models, and simulation to strengthen core competencies for staff.

  • Read more about the ACS and CUNY SPS partnership to create the ACS Workforce Institute for children, youth and family services staff.

ACS Workforce Institute Vision - Our Impact - Benefits to Frontline Staff - Workforce Institute Leadership

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ACS Workforce Institute Vision

The ACS Workforce Institute will offer frontline staff across the child and family services sector in New York City the learning, coaching, and support necessary to:
  • Perform their roles to the highest standards,
  • Provide high quality services to the children and families in our care, and
  • Manage stress and other challenges related to vicarious trauma.

Through varied and diverse collaborations, the ACS Workforce Institute draws upon the expertise of universities and other partners to strengthen frontline supervision and coaching practices and implement effective learning strategies, methods, and technologies.

Our Impact

The ACS Workforce Institute facilitates continuous professional growth and development of staff to support child and family well-being, safety, and permanency.

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Benefits to Frontline Staff

  • Skill-based coaching as part of supervision.
  • A supportive culture that addresses vicarious trauma.
  • Varied and diverse professional learning experiences.
  • Cutting-edge simulation that supports the transfer of learning into everyday practice.
  • Scholarship opportunities for ACS staff pursuing advanced education.
  • Opportunities to obtain Continuing Education Units (CEUs).
  • Increased job satisfaction and employee retention.

Workforce Institute Leadership

Administration for Children's Services

CUNY School of Professional Studies

David Hansell

Andrew White
Deputy Commissioner
Division of Policy, Planning &

David Nish
Associate Commissioner
Training & Workforce Innovation

Cynthia Wells
Executive Director
ACS James Satterwhite Academy

John Mogulescu

Brian A. Peterson
Associate Dean
Student and Community Affairs

Jill Hyland
Executive Director
Professional Education and Workplace

Patrick Dail
Workplace Learning

Clarke Griffith 
ACS Program Director 
Workplace Learning


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