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Division of Child Protection Brooklyn West Will Relocate to 12 MetroTech Center

To better serve New York City children and families, we are pleased to announce that ACS staff assigned to DCP Brooklyn West sites have relocated to a new location in downtown Brooklyn at 12 MetroTech Center, beginning December 2021.

This new location will consolidate DCP Brooklyn West sites and include approximately 500 ACS staff that are assigned to: 404 Pine Street, 185 Marcy Avenue, 345 Adams Street and Brooklyn West FSU (Family Service Units at 1274 Bedford Ave.)

12 Metrotech Center building. The color of the building is beige with blue windows. There are trees next to the building and cars are driving by.


The new ACS site at 12 MetroTech Center offers many benefits.

  • It is well served by public transportation, making it easier for families and employees and community partners to access.
  • It is in the same building as Family Court, (accessible by a separate entrance) making it more convenient for our families who have ongoing court cases and our staff who will attend court hearings in-person.
  • It is designed to have 28 spaces for Family Team Conferences and visiting areas, where families can have visits in a developmentally appropriate space.
  • The site provides staff with a modern and technologically advanced work space and enable our Child Protective Units, and other divisions in Brooklyn West to work more seamlessly together.