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ACS Child Care Options

ACS provides child care to eligible families through the following programs:

EarlyLearn NYC

Privately-run programs

ACS EarlyLearn NYC

EarlyLearn NYC
EarlyLearn NYC Program

EarlyLearn NYC programs offer quality Child Care and Head Start programming in safe, clean and high quality settings that provide social and intellectual development, preparing your child for kindergarten today and a successful future tomorrow.

EarlyLearn NYC Child Care

EarlyLearn NYC Child Care programs are offered in two types of settings.

  • Center-based care is available for children from six-weeks through four-years-old
  • Home-based care is available for children from six-weeks through three-years-old through family child care networks
  • Pre-kindergarten is offered to all four year olds in partnership with the NYC Department of Education
  • Services are available for up to ten hours a day

EarlyLearn NYC Head Start

  • Serves children ages three through four-years-old
  • Care is available in centers only
  • Pre-kindergarten is offered to all four year olds in partnership with the NYC Department of Education
  • Services are available up to eight hours a day

What You Can Expect from an EarlyLearn NYC program

  • Affordable to no cost care for eligible families
  • Quality programming & family engagement
  • Care five days a week, up to ten hours a day, 12 months of the year
  • Safe, clean, and nurturing settings
  • Serves children with special needs
  • Experienced, certified, and trained teachers
  • Free, daily nutritious meals and snacks
  • Access to community resources such as dental and medical screenings
  • Developmentally appropriate and educational instruction
  • Hundreds of locations across NYC

Who can enroll in EarlyLearn NYC?

  • Families must be determined eligible for subsidized care in order to enroll in EarlyLearn NYC Child Care or EarlyLearn NYC Head Start programs
  • Parents/guardians receiving Cash Assistance who are in an Human Resources Administration (HRA) approved work, education, or training activity may be eligible for EarlyLearn NYC. These parents/guardians can visit their designated HRA Job Center for more information about EarlyLearn NYC and other free child care options.

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Where can I find an EarlyLearn NYC program?

There are hundreds of EarlyLearn NYC programs. To find one close to your home or work, use the Locate an EarlyLearn NYC program finder.

EarlyLearn NYC Program

You can also find a listing for each borough:

Staten Island

Find a Family Child Care Network

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Privately-Run Child Care Programs

Besides EarlyLearn NYC programs, which are all contracted with the city, there are also privately-run child care options where children are cared for in centers or in someone’s home.
Most privately run centers and individual home-based providers are licensed by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

Who is eligible?

  • Children ages six weeks to 13 years old
  • AND families receiving Cash Assistance from the Human Resources Administration (HRA)
  • AND families with an ACS-issued voucher

Check to see if you are eligible for ACS child care assistance

Where can I find a privately-run program?

For information about finding a licensed privately-run program, call 311 or search NYC Department of Health’s Child Care Connect

Other Child Care Options

Looking for other options like after-school programs or pre-k programs in NYC public schools? Learn more

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