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Eligibility for affordable or no cost early care and education programming is based on:

  1. Why you require care, and
  2. Your family's income and size
Child Care Eligibility Wizard

Find out if you qualify for care from ACS by Using the Child Care Eligibility Wizard.

ACS EarlyLearn NYC Child Care and Head Start have different eligibility requirements.

To enroll in EarlyLearn NYC Head Start, families must meet income and age requirements, and in some cases, have a valid reason for care.

Income Requirements

Financial eligibility is determined by a family’s gross income based on a family size.

Citizenship / Immigration Requirements

Certain programs require proof that your child needing child care is a U.S. Citizen, U.S. National, or person with satisfactory immigration status. The applicant will not be asked for their immigration status or anyone else in the household other than children in need of child care.

The following programs do not require proof of citizenship or immigration status for children needing child care.

Programs & Initiatives