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Informal/Legally-Exempt Child Care Provider Enrollment

Child Care Enrollment Forms for Legally-Exempt Child Care Providers:

Forms in English

OCFS-LDSS-4699: Enrollment Form for Provider of Legally-Exempt Family Child Care and Legally-Exempt In-Home Child Care Download
OCFS-LDSS-4699-1: Employment of Minors Form Download
OCFS-LDSS-4699-1A: Employment of Minors Information Download
OCFS-LDSS-4699-2: Legally-Exempt In-Home Child Care Provider Agreement Form Download
OCFS-LDSS-4699-2A: Parental Responsibilities When Employing a Legally-Exempt In-Home Child Care Provider Download
OCFS-LDSS-4699-3: Legally-Exempt Provider Training Record Form Download
OCFS-LDSS-4699-4: Parental Acknowledgement of Criminal History of the Child Care Provider Employee or Volunteer Form Download
OCFS-LDSS-4700: Enrollment Form For Provider of Legally Exempt Group Child Care Download
OCFS-4915 (7/2010): History of Criminal Convictions and Parental Acknowledgment 18 NYCRR, 415.4(F)(7)(i) Download
OCFS-4916: History of Day Care Enforcement and Parental Acknowledgment 18 NYCRR, 415(F)(8)(III)(A) Download
OCFS-4917: History of Termination of Parental Rights and/or Court Ordered Article 10 Removal of a Child and Parental Acknolwedgment 18 NYCRR 415.4(F)(8)(II)(A)(2) Download

Formularios en español

OCFS-LDSS-4699 – S: Formulario de Inscripcion para Proveedor(a) de Servicios de Cuidado Infantil en Familia Legalmente Exento y de Cuidado Infantil a Comicillo Descargar
OCFS-LDSS-4699-1-S: Formulario de Empleo para Menores de Edad Descargar
OCFS-LDSS-4699-2-S: Acuerdo del Proveedor(a) de Cuidado Infantil en Familia Legalmente Exento Descargar
OCFS-LDSS-4699-3-S: Registro de Entrenamiento para Proveedores de Cuidado Infantil Legalmente Exento Descargar
OCFS-LDSS-4699-4-S: Reconocimiento Del Padre-Madre Descargar