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The NYC ACS Division of Early Care and Education (ECE) supports continuous quality improvements through the annual self-assessment process.

Completed packets were due on April 24, 2015 via email to your Team Leader. All required Appendices, the NYC Program Quality Assessment Scale, and Self-Assessment Orientation PowerPoint are attached.  Below is a summary of the tools and training events for SA2015:


Informational Tools

  • The NYC ACS Self-Assessment Guidance & Checklist: This checklist provides guidance about the self-assessment process.

Evaluative Tools

  1. Environmental Rating Scales-Revised (ERS-R) - FCCRS-R, ECERS-R, and ITERS-R:These scores contribute to your VENDEX Rating. When available, please include scores that have been provided for you by the Department of Education in 2014-2015.

  2. NYC Program Quality Assessment Scale (NYC-PQAS): The overall PQAS score should be submitted for the agency’s center-based programs, and, if applicable, a separate PQAS is submitted for the Family Child Care Network. These scores contribute to your VENDEX Rating.

  3. Classroom Assessment Scoring Scale (CLASS): Scores in the 3 CLASS domains are to be submitted for two UPK classrooms per site (if you have two UPK classrooms) where the evaluation was conducted by an evaluator who has been certified as reliable by Teachstone.When available, please include scores that have been provided for you by the Department of Education for 2014-2015.

How to Obtain Tools

All 3 Evaluative Tools are to be used for SA2015. The ERS-R and CLASS tools are to be purchased by EarlyLearn programs. NYC-PQAS & the Guidance & Check list were sent in an earlier e-mail.


Self-Assessment Orientations and other trainings on the ITERS, FCCERS, ECERS and NYC-PQAS began March 3rd through 10th.  If you have additional training needs, please contact your Team Leader CLASS trainings must be conducted by Teachstone Certified Trainers and evaluations conducted by Teachstone Certified Reliable evaluators. If you do not have a CLASS reliable observer on your staff you may contact consultant, Alex Atkin at or at (917)-232-2076, who can conduct CLASS assessments. Teachstone also provides a CLASS Observer Directory

If you have any questions, contact your assigned Team Leader