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Alternative-to-detention (ATD) programs make it possible for young people with pending court cases to receive services in the community instead of detention facilities.

ACS manages two ATD programs:

  • Queens Engagement Strategies for Teens (QUEST) provides ATD services for youth with juvenile delinquency cases in Queens Family Court.  The youth receive case management, counseling, mental health, academic assistance, and other community-based services as needed. Temporary Respite services are available when youth and the caregiver need a break from each other and need help resolving their conflicts. 
  • Way Home is a home-based treatment program designed to work with families that are unwilling or unable to provide a home to the youth while a juvenile delinquency case is pending. Families are able to strengthen their skills and reduce conflicts through family team conferencing, intensive therapy and, where appropriate, 21-day Respite services. Way Home is available for youth who have juvenile delinquency cases in Queens or Brooklyn Family Court.

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