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What to Do and Who to Contact When You Identify a Trafficked Child

Effective October 1, 2017, Law Enforcement will only accept the July 2017 revision of the OCFS Form 3922: Law Enforcement Report of a Child Sex Trafficking Victim.

This is the form that ACS, Foster Care, Preventive Services and Detention facility staff and providers must use to notify NYPD when a child meets the Federal Definition of Trafficking level on the OCFS Sex Trafficking Screening Tool.

Important Usage Points:

The Form Also Applies to All Child Protective Investigations:

This form is to be used for all sex trafficking screenings within all Child Protective Investigations. Question 1 of the form states: “Is the youth under 21 years old and in the care, custody, or supervision of the New York State Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS), Local Department of Social Services (LDSS), or a Voluntary Authorized Agency (VA)?” An “LDSS” is a Local District of Social Services, which for NYC is ACS. So using the form applies to everyone who works for ACS, or works for an agency contracted to ACVS. This includes Child Protective Investigations, even if children are not in “care, custody or supervision”.

For all ACS staff or foster care, preventive or detention staff:

To contact NYPD to submit the OCFS 3922 Law Enforcement Report of a Sex Trafficking Victim and to obtain the Law Enforcement Report (LER) Number:

  • Weekdays: Fax the form to 212-694-3149 or 212-694-0264, and follow up with a phone call to (212) 694-3013, which is the Division Office, available Monday through Friday, 10 am to 6 pm.
  • After 6 pm, or on weekends, call (646) 610-7272 which is the Special Victims Hotline, which is 24/7/365. SVU will then forward information to the Division office and it will be assigned an LER number accordingly.
  • For weekends, you can also email the form to with “HT” in the subject line. Then follow up by calling during the next business day to obtain the LER number.

Inform the ACS Child Trafficking Mailbox:

Please email the log number, detective’s name and other relevant information (see below) to

  • If this is an Advocate case, please provide only the age, gender and borough of the child (no name or date of birth) to the mailbox.
  • If this is NOT an Advocate case, please provide the name and date of birth and borough of the child to the mailbox.

How to Access the Form Electronically:

The form is available in:

Child Trafficking Awareness and Prevention Resources
Services for Youth