Stop Fraud

Immigration law is complicated. You should contact a trustworthy, qualified immigration expert to help you with your immigration matters.

Take Caution

According to the law, “notario publicos” and other immigration “brokers” are not allowed to provide you with legal advice or tell you what to do in your immigration case. Only lawyers or someone who has received permission from the Department of Justice may provide immigration legal advice.

"Notarios," immigration "brokers," and other non-lawyers may only help you with the following according to the law:

  • Translating and notarizing your documents;
  • Collecting or gathering your documents;
  • Helping you get medical tests or taking your photo for immigration applications; and
  • Giving you English language or citizenship classes.

Visit the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs website for tips on how to avoid fraud when working with an immigration services provider.

To report a fraudulent provider, call the Office of New Americans at 1-800-566-7636. Help is available in over 200 languages.

Additional Resources:

  • New York State Office of the Attorney General – Beware! Target List of Names (these individuals are prohibited from providing any immigration related service to the public)
  • New York State Office for New Americans – New Americans Hotline: Report immigration assistance fraud and schemes against immigrants at (800) 566-7636