About the Office of the Actuary

Sherry S. Chan Chief Actuary

Appointed in the spring of 2015, Sherry Chan is the 5th Chief Actuary in the history of New York City and one of the highest ranked Asian-American officials in the Administration.

In her role as Chief Actuary, Ms. Chan provides technical expertise to the City’s five main retirement systems and pension funds - the Board of Education, teacher, fire, police and public employees - with approximately 750,000 active and retired members and $180 billion of assets. Ms. Chan certifies the annual required pension contributions for these retirement systems and pension funds, ensuring accuracy, and oversees a professional staff with decades of experience in and out of City service.

The New York City Pension Funds and Retirement Systems are collectively the 4th largest public retirement system in the country. Ms. Chan previously served as the Chief Actuarial Officer for the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System and as Chief Actuary for the State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio, the two largest state pension systems in Ohio with assets of over $90 billion and $70 billion, respectively.

A Fellow of the Society of Actuaries, an Enrolled Actuary with the Joint Board, a Fellow of the Conference of Consulting Actuaries, a Member of the American Academy of Actuaries, and a conferee of an Executive MBA and Bachelor of Science degree from The Ohio State University, Ms. Chan regularly gives presentations at colleges, conferences, and on webinars. Ms. Chan is also a member of The Ohio State University Math Department Advisory Board and a member of the American Academy of Actuaries’ Public Plans Subcommittee.