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Note:  The Office of the Actuary is not staffed to assist individual members of the New York City Retirement Systems (“NYCRS”). You may visit the individual website of each NYCRS via the links in the "Helpful Links" module in the right column on our Home Page.

FOIL (Freedom of Information Law) Request

If you have a FOIL (Freedom of Information Law) request, visit Open Records, NYC’s agency-wide platform to manage and respond to these types of requests.

Requesting a Fiscal Note

Legislative bills enacting or modifying public retirement benefits in New York, pursuant to Legislative Law section 50, require a fiscal note. The New York City Office of the Actuary (NYCOA) prepares fiscal notes for bills that could impact one or more of the City’s pension funds and retirement systems. Fiscal notes are based on annually updated actuarial valuations and projections, which are generally unavailable until January or February of each year. Therefore, although the New York State Legislative Session generally begins in early January, the NYCOA may be unable to process fiscal notes until the Legislative Session is well underway. However, you may still submit your request at any time for a fiscal note by completing the Fiscal Note Request Form.

Please email the completed Fiscal Note Request form to: