105th Anniversary of the NYCOA

Celebrating NYCOA’s 105th Anniversary with a Special Social Media Celebration Campaign!

May 16, 2021 marks New York City Office of the Actuary’s (NYCOA’s) 105th anniversary. To celebrate this milestone, we have captured stories from and/or about NYCOA’s five Chief Actuaries that served in the past 105 years. These stories will be shared with you through five separate interviews that feature our current Chief Actuary, Sherry Chan, our prior Chief Actuaries, Robert North and Jonathan Schwartz, and family members of our second Chief Actuary, the late Jesse Feld, and our first Chief Actuary, the late George B. Buck.

On each Friday of the five weeks leading up to our 105th anniversary and beginning April 16, we will post a new interview here so you can absorb a variety of personal as well as professional stories. From memories of marveling at the first computer in her grandfather’s office, to words of wisdom, to legacies to be remembered for, and decisions made that created a retirement plan that is still secure and reliable, we are grateful to all those who have participated in this special social media celebration campaign. Tune in to learn more about our rich history that still lives today!

Chief Actuary Sherry Chan Interviews George B. Buck’s Granddaughter, Patricia Buck Bruschi.

Chief Actuary Sherry Chan Interviews Jesse Feld’s Daughter, Sari Fromberg.

Chief Actuary Sherry Chan Interviews Former Chief Actuary, Jonathan Schwartz.

Chief Actuary Sherry Chan Interviews Former Chief Actuary, Robert North.

First Deputy Chief Actuary Michael Samet Interviews Chief Actuary Sherry Chan.