Office of the Actuary in the News

Press Articles about the NYCOA

Chief Actuary receives Young Consulting Actuary High Achievement Award by an International Organization. [PDF] [link to the Chief Leader Website]
"Chief City Actuary to be Honored by Key Group in Industry." …The Chief Leader
Chief Actuary Honored at Asian American and Pacific Island Heritage Month Celebration hosted by Assemblymember Yuh-Line Niou.
"Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month Celebrations in Chinatown Sunday" …The Lo-Down, News from the Lower East Side
NYC Chief Actuary receives young, emerging leader, distinction.
City & State recognizes NYC Chief Actuary Sherry S. Chan as a "Rising 40 under 40 Star." …City & State NY publication
The Texas Association of Public Employee Retirement Systems publishes Chief Actuary’s piece on Financial Economics.
"New York City’s Chief Actuary Offers Advice to Texas Funds." …TEXPERS Pension Observer
The Chief publishes Chief Actuary’s Op-Ed on the value of defined benefit pension plans.[PDF] [link to article on the Chief Leader Website]
"Crisis Doesn’t Exist. Defined-Benefit Pensions Continue to Hold Value." …The Chief Leader
The New York Times publishes Chief Actuary’s response to their article on City pensions.
"The city consistently makes 100 percent of its pension contributions. Retirees receive their pension checks. The pension system is sound."…... …The New York Times Opinion Page
Academy Helps NYC Honor 100 Years of Actuarial Public Service and Professional Excellence
"Academy President Tom Wildsmith participated in a New York City Office of the Actuary dedication ceremony on Monday commemorating the centennial of the city’s Pension Commission investigation." …American Academy of Actuaries
One Hundredth Anniversary of the NYCOA [PDF] [link to the Chief Leader Website]
"Actuary’s Office Marks 100 Years as Beacon Lighting Way for City Pensions." …The Chief Leader
Mayor de Blasio Announces Sherry Chan as City's New Chief Actuary
"Mayor Bill de Blasio today announced Sherry Chan as the City’s new Chief Actuary. In this role, Chan will serve the City’s retirement funds and oversee actuarial calculations for post-employments benefits for City employees." …Office of the Mayor
After long search, city finds new chief actuary
"After a lengthy search, the city has named a new chief actuary—a little-known but highly significant position that determines the city's pension liability." …Politico