The New York City Office of the Actuary (NYCOA) regularly produces reports that are available to the public.

Silver Books

Every two years, a full review of the actuarial assumptions and methods used to fund the NYCRS is conducted. These reviews lead to recommendations that are set forth in formal Reports.

The most recent series of these Reports are referred to as the “Silver Books” and were published during February 2012. The Silver Books present the recommendations of the Actuary for determining employer contributions to the NYCRS for Fiscal Years 2012 and after.

The Actuary’s recommendations related to funding contained in the Silver Books were adopted by the Boards of Trustees during Fiscal Year 2012. The enabling legislation to implement those elements of the Silver Books’ recommendations that require legislative approval was enacted on January 30, 2013 as Chapter 3 of the Laws of 2013.

Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs)

In addition to reviews of actuarial assumptions and methods, the New York City Office of the Actuary (NYCOA) provides annual updates of the financial status of the NYCRS. Much of this information is presented in the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs) of each NYCRS.

GASB 67/68

This Report presents information intended for use by the City of New York for accounting and financial reporting under Governmental Accounting Standards Board Statements (GASB).

OPEB Reports

Each year, the NYCOA produces actuarial valuation Reports presenting the assets and obligations of Other Postemployment Benefits ("OPEB") for the City of New York and some of its Component Units.

Valuation Reports

The NYCOA produces Actuarial Valuation Reports presenting the assets and liabilities of the five major retirement systems for the City of New York.