Algorithms Management and Policy Officer

In 2019, Executive Order 50 created the Algorithms Management and Policy Officer (AMPO) role. This role is unique in urban governance and is intended to help provide protocols and information about the systems and tools City agencies use to make decisions. The AMPO will regularly engage with the public and will work to ensure that fairness, transparency, human-centered design, and privacy protection are central to the use of algorithmic tools and systems that City agencies may use to support their decision-making.

The AMPO is a centralized resource for agencies, helping provide information about the development, responsible use, and assessment of such tools for the purposes of addressing the risk of inadvertent harm that can accompany them. The AMPO reports to the Director of the Mayor's Office of Operations.

As of February 16, 2021, 100% of City agencies had completed requirements for the 2020 compliance reporting cycle. There is additional detail about reporting requirements and a tool directory in the Summary of Agency Compliance Reporting.